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This is happening in the 11th week of pregnancy

by Josephine Andrews
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In the 11th week of pregnancy the baby performs a veritable water ballet in your womb. It moves a lot and spontaneously in its amniotic sac. For you, too, water becomes an issue that is reflected in both thirst and an increased urge to urinate. Here you can read interesting facts about the 11th week of pregnancy: Development of your weight and waist circumference, why your child has ears but not yet hears you and whether sport is a good idea now.

11th week of pregnancy: This is how your baby is developing

Your child is now putting on a thick “skin”: In the 11th week of pregnancy, the previously transparent skin of the fetus becomes thicker and more complex. The first little hairs form as a delicate fuzz, and the nails on the fingers and toes also begin to grow. The external sex organs slowly develop in the 11th week of pregnancy. In about three weeks, your gynecologist can give you an initial tip as to whether you are going to have a boy or a girl.

The baby moves quite a lot. These early gymnastics exercises are important training for nerves and muscles. Each movement expands the experience and helps to stimulate and structure the brain . But even if you are already talking quietly to your unborn child: The fetus (11th week) does not yet react to external stimuli because it is still completely surrounded by amniotic fluid .

11th week of pregnancy Ultrasound: You can see that

The baby (11th week of pregnancy) is now 34 to 41 millimeters tall. It has clearly recognizable eyes, ears and lips – a real little face. The heart is in its place in the chest . The little dwarf also shows his joy of movement with an ultrasound .

Week 11: That changes for you

In addition to the baby, something else grows in the 11th week of pregnancy: it’s not really the belly, it’s mainly your uterus . It will increase in volume a hundredfold throughout pregnancy! This increase is noticeable by the fact that your uterus is increasingly pressing on the bladder . That’s why you have to go to the toilet more often in the 11th week of pregnancy.

In addition, expectant mothers in the 11th week of pregnancy are often more thirsty than usual because the blood volume increases. Side effects of this are that feet and hands in the 11th week of pregnancy have better blood circulation and are therefore warmer. In addition , tachycardia and slight dizziness may occur. Many women therefore get out of breath more quickly when they are 11 weeks pregnant.

By now you should have gained about one to three kilos. If you were or are often sick, you may have lost weight. What the scale shows is very individual in this phase.

Week 11: This is important now

Even if you get out of breath quickly – get moving, it will do you good. Walking for half an hour a day gets your circulation going. If you have already been sporty, you do not have to do without training in the 11th week of pregnancy or afterwards. When properly dosed and carried out, sport has a positive effect on your well-being and that of your child – right up to the end of the pregnancy.

Sport can also prevent gestational diabetes, prevent excessive weight gain and improve lung volume, which later becomes scarce. Regular physical activity also strengthens the pelvic floor , tendons and ligaments, counteracts postural and back damage and makes you less susceptible to diseases and circulatory problems . Optimal sports are quiet, low-impact activities such as

But strength training or running are still possible as long as you adapt your training (preferably with the help of a trainer) and you control the load accordingly (e.g. by measuring your heart rate).

You should avoid extreme sports. A marathon is not a sensible “pregnancy exercise”. The same applies to high-risk sports such as climbing, skiing or horseback riding, as well as ball sports.

additional Information

Would you like to know more about your exercise options during pregnancy? Then read the article  Exercise during pregnancy .

Midwife tip

While you are already fully in “mommy mode” in the 11th week of pregnancy, pregnancy is still very theoretical for your partner. Perhaps it will remain a paradox for him to the end. This is not unusual, as men who are “passively involved” find it much more difficult to get to grips with the topic and possibly also to show understanding, including for the hormone-related problems that you have to struggle with in the 11th week of pregnancy. Don’t be too strict or disappointed: Many don’t become fathers until the moment they are born . But then all the more committed.

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