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This is happening in the 17th week of pregnancy

by Josephine Andrews
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The signs point to growth in the 17th week of pregnancy – the belly is becoming more and more rounded. And the baby at 17 weeks puts on protective fat. Find out more interesting facts about the 17th week of pregnancy here – that abdominal pain can occur, a hot, full bath is not a problem for your child and you don’t even have to go without a visit to the sauna.

17th week of pregnancy: This is how your baby is developing

Pregnancy (week 17) is now characterized by growing and maturing. Your baby is slowly putting on fat. This insulating layer later ensures that it can regulate its body temperature. At the moment, the amniotic fluid also acts as a supportive temperature buffer. This also applies, for example, if you take a hot bath: Nevertheless, the recommendation is not to bathe too hot and not for too long.

Around the 17th week of pregnancy the little one has the hiccups from time to time . You might even feel these little hiccups now and then. The bones of the unborn child become harder and harder and its immune system develops.

In addition, loud noises can startle the baby in the 17th week of pregnancy – a sign that his hearing is already working well.

17th week of pregnancy Ultrasound: You can see that

In the 17th week of pregnancy, the baby weighs around 120 grams and is eleven centimeters long. The proportions of the unborn child change during this phase: little arms and legs become longer, and the head grows more slowly in relation to this.

Week 17: That changes for you

As the uterus continues to grow in the 17th week of pregnancy, the large supporting ligaments (mother ligaments) become more and more tensioned. This becomes noticeable in a slight to painful pulling on the right and left of the navel and in the groin/back area – more for some women, less for others.

Because your estrogen level is higher in the 17th week of pregnancy and generally during pregnancy and this hormone stimulates the formation of the skin pigment melanin, freckles, liver spots and pigment spots are more common . A dark line runs vertically down the middle of your stomach. It is a bit reminiscent of the belly seam of a teddy bear and is called “linea negra” (black line) in technical jargon. They and the other more heavily pigmented areas of the skin usually fade or disappear again after the birth .

Week 17: This is important now

During pregnancy, more blood flows through your veins to ensure that your child is cared for at all times. This increased volume may make you sweat faster . As a result, your body can lose more minerals .

In addition to iodine and calcium , iron is one of the particularly important minerals in the 17th week of pregnancy . Its requirement doubles to quadruples during pregnancy. Iron is important for the formation of red blood cells. A deficiency manifests itself in tiredness , headaches , loss of appetite or insomnia and exhaustion.

Your gynecologist will check regularly whether you have too little iron or too few red blood cells. However, you can prevent an iron deficiency from the outset by choosing an appropriate diet (e.g. green vegetables, red meat, red juices, etc.). However, do not take dietary supplements (such as iron tablets) without medical advice – neither in the 17th week of pregnancy nor otherwise. Because too much iron in your body can disrupt your baby’s development.

You can find out how an iron deficiency becomes noticeable and what to do then in the article Iron deficiency in pregnancy .

Another mineral is responsible if you are plagued by calf cramps at night from the 17th week of pregnancy: Magnesium . During pregnancy, the ratio of liquid to minerals in your body shifts due to increased sweating and a greater urge to urinate. Magnesium, in particular, which is responsible for muscle relaxation, is flushed out, and not only in the 17th week of pregnancy. Weight gain during pregnancy can also play a role.

Gently massage the cramping muscles and prevent jerky tension with alternating showers and stretching . You should discuss with your gynecologist or midwife whether a magnesium supplement makes sense.

You can read more about magnesium and how it keeps muscles supple (including those of the uterus) in the Magnesium in pregnancy article .

Midwife tip

Pregnancy doesn’t mean you have to give up the routines you love altogether. If you’ve always enjoyed going to the sauna regularly, then as a mum-to-be you don’t have to do without it. However, limit the time in the cabin to a maximum of ten minutes and do not sit at the top. My tip, not only in the 17th week of pregnancy, for anyone who tends to have circulatory problems: the lower the temperature, the more circulatory-friendly the sauna is.

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