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This is happening in the 22nd week of pregnancy

by Josephine Andrews
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In the 22nd week of pregnancy , the baby likes to do a lot of gymnastics and motor skills exercises. You will feel it. Likewise the increased need for energy and minerals. Here you can read interesting facts about the 22nd week of pregnancy: your child’s development, why he fidgets when you rest and how much weight he gains at 22 weeks.

22 weeks: This is how your baby is developing

Just a few more things and your baby is “done”. In the 22nd week of pregnancy, the little creature in your belly is already a miniature of how it will later be born. All that’s missing is some protective fat . And the irises as well as hair , eyelashes and eyebrows still need a little color and that’s it.

The offspring can also do quite a lot of motor skills: Clenching their fists, sucking their thumbs and doing all kinds of gymnastics exercises, which you can probably feel by now very clearly in the form of kicks and kicks. If you have the feeling that your baby prefers to be more active when you want to rest, you are right: when you are lying down, the abdominal wall relaxes and the organs press less on the uterus . For the little ones, this means: Space to romp around!

22nd week of pregnancy Ultrasound: You can see that

At the end of the 22nd week of pregnancy, the unborn child weighs around 350 grams and is around 26.5 centimeters long. When it comes to ultrasound , the filigree bones are particularly fascinating, for example the ankles and knuckles. The spine is also easy to see when the little one snuggles up in your stomach with a rounded back.

Week 22: That changes for you

In the 22nd week of pregnancy, small bumps called Montgomery glands grow around the areola of your breasts. These small sebaceous glands are slowly getting ready for their work: they produce a fatty secretion that makes the nipple supple and protects it from injury. This prepares this sensitive area of ​​the body for breastfeeding. Supposedly, the glands also secrete scents that later show the baby the right way to the food source.

If the cravings hit you again , it’s no wonder. Finally, at 22 weeks, your belly resident is a respectable “fellow eater.” That means: A weight gain of about 250 grams per week is now normal.

In addition to energy, your child also needs a lot of magnesium . A deficiency is noticeable in muscle and stomach cramps. First, try to cover your needs with food containing magnesium (e.g. wholemeal products, legumes, nuts, meat). If this does not relieve the symptoms, talk to your doctor about taking a magnesium supplement. Because a severe deficiency over a long period of time can, in the worst case , trigger premature labor and a miscarriage .

Week 22: This is important now

In the 21st or 22nd week of pregnancy you should slowly deal with the subject of pelvic floor exercises. The pelvic floor is a sheet of muscles that runs from the pubic bone to the spine. It gives to the abdominal and pelvic organs and supports the sphincter muscles of the urethra and anus. Strong pelvic floor muscles also help your body carry the extra weight of pregnancy and heal any tears or cuts that occur during childbirth more quickly. On the other hand, if the pelvic floor muscles are (too) weak, pain, incontinence and hemorrhoids can occur.

If you are already attending yoga or sports courses for pregnant women before and in the 22nd week of pregnancy, pelvic floor exercises are probably already part of the exercises. But there are also special courses and exercises that you can do at home. Like all muscles, the pelvic floor only becomes and remains strong if you train it regularly.

Midwife tip

You probably haven’t paid much attention to your pelvic floor – imagine you need to pee hard and tense your muscles to make sure nothing escapes. Those are your pelvic floor muscles! Let your midwife show you a few exercises if you want to strengthen the pelvic floor – this can also be done around the 22nd week of pregnancy.

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