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This is happening in the 23rd week of pregnancy

by Josephine Andrews
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At 23 weeks your unborn baby is still working to grow big and strong. You can also tell by the fact that your stomach is bulging more and more. But that is not the reason why sitting might become uncomfortable for you now.

23 weeks: This is how your baby is developing

All cheese? Yes, but in a positive way. The delicate skin of the unborn child is completely covered by the so-called cheese smear in the 23rd week of pregnancy. The development of this fatty substance is the job of the sebaceous glands in the fine body hairs. The cheese smear acts like a protective cream and keeps the baby’s skin supple in the amniotic fluid . It also acts as a kind of lubricating cream during childbirth .

23rd week of pregnancy Ultrasound: You can see that

The result of the size measurement in the baby in the 23rd week of pregnancy is about 28 centimeters. The weight is now around 450 grams. You can see the movements of the eyes behind the closed eyelids of your child.

Week 23: That changes for you

A well-rounded affair – in the 23rd week of pregnancy this is undoubtedly your stomach. Its shape is individual and unique. So don’t compare yourself to other pregnant women, but be proud of your own personal “pregnancy placard”.

What does your scale say at the 23rd week of pregnancy? A weight gain of about five kilos since the beginning of pregnancy is normal. Your blood volume has now increased by around 50 percent. Around the 23rd week of pregnancy, the circulatory system therefore has a harder time pumping the blood back up from the legs. You may notice this if you get dizzy for a moment after getting up.

Nothing can happen to the child, since its circulatory system is independent of yours. However, if you faint or pass out, things are different. If this happens to you, it’s best to talk to your doctor about it. Tip: Elevate your legs when sitting or lying down to relieve your circulation.

Week 23: This is important now

The hormonal changes during pregnancy not only affect your mood and the growth of certain body regions. The connective tissue also changes: As more fat is stored, it loosens. In addition, around the 23rd week of gestation , the uterus puts more pressure on the pelvis and impedes blood drainage. A possible consequence of both: hemorrhoids – an enlarged vascular cushion at the anus.

They are a common side effect of pregnancy and are generally harmless. However, they can be very uncomfortable. They can hurt, itch and burn, especially when sitting. Sometimes hemorrhoids bleed easily and leave small bright red blood stains on the toilet paper. But they are no reason to panic. The culprits usually regress in the first few weeks after birth without any special therapy.

Midwife tip

Your stomach is probably not yet so round that it bothers you in everyday life. It might be different when lying down. As early as the 23rd week of pregnancy, and the upcoming third trimester of pregnancy, you should sleep on your side because lying on your back can put pressure on the vena cava . Preferably with a side pillow between your legs – you can get used to this position from the 23rd week of pregnancy.

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