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This is happening in the 31st week of pregnancy

by Josephine Andrews
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In the 31st week of pregnancy , all of your child’s senses are fully developed. He plays with the umbilical cord and otherwise sleeps a lot. However, this does not give you a break in the 31st week of pregnancy: your abdominal circumference continues to increase, which affects your performance and mobility. Find out here why the position of the placenta can already be decisive for the birth and why you should take infections particularly seriously.

31 weeks: This is how your baby is developing

In the 31st week of pregnancy, your child has already accomplished a lot, but still has an enormous amount of growth ahead of it: it puts on about one centimeter a week. His senses are already functioning perfectly. Your baby can already touch, smell, taste, see and hear in the 31st week of pregnancy. It sleeps a lot now, up to 20 hours a day!

If contractions started in the 31st week of pregnancy and your child was born, it would not be able to breathe on its own. However, since lung maturity gradually comes to an end in the 31st week of pregnancy, it would have a very good chance of survival.

31st week of pregnancy Ultrasound: You can see that

Your baby measures an impressive 40 centimeters in the 31st week of pregnancy. Its weight climbs to around 1,600 grams – and there is still no end in sight to the weight gain in the 31st week of pregnancy: the weight of your offspring will roughly double by the time it is born .

Week 31: That changes for you

Your body continues to prepare for childbirth. In the 31st week of pregnancy he does this by loosening up the entire pelvic area to make it easier for the baby to “hatch” later. The placenta barrier also becomes more permeable. This means that not only the necessary nutrients but also pathogens can get through to the child more easily from your body. Therefore, take colds and infections seriously and it is better to see the doctor once too often than once too little.

It keeps growing incessantly at 31 weeks – your belly. This is one of the reasons why everything you do in the last few weeks before the birth probably seems very tiring.

The fact that your performance continues to decrease in the 31 week of pregnancy contributes to this. Complaints such as headaches can occur if you overexert yourself – and this happens quite quickly in 31 weeks. So take regular breaks. If your head is already hurting, cold forehead compresses with a drop of mint oil can provide relief. Also, make sure you’re drinking enough. Dehydration can also cause headaches.

Week 31: This is important now

In the 31st week of pregnancy there are still nine weeks until the expected date of birth. So think about how exactly the birth should take place: For example, would you like an anaesthetic ? Should the partner be there or would you prefer another person you trust? Do you want a water birth ?

Write down your thoughts and discuss them with your doctor, midwife and hospital staff. In some hospitals you can register now and do the paperwork that you won’t be able to think about for the actual delivery date.

Sometimes the baby or the placenta thwarts the mother’s wishes for a certain type of birth. This is when the placenta is in front of the cervix, blocking the birth canal. This is called ” placenta previa partialis” (in the case of partial overlapping) or “placenta previa totalis” (in the case of complete overlapping). While in the first case a natural birth can still be possible, in the second case a caesarean section is necessary. This is usually done before labor begins, around 36 or 37 weeks’ gestation . At the latest at the third check-up, which takes place around the 31st week of pregnancy, the gynecologist can determine placenta previa.

Midwife tip

Most moms-to-be want the most natural birth possible and “definitely no painkillers” when the time comes. My opinion is that women have always taken something to relieve the pain of childbirth. Depending on the era, these were opium or wine instead of medicines. Anyone who can do it without pharmaceutical help: great. If you change your mind at short notice, you don’t need to have a bad conscience. Every woman should handle it the way she feels most comfortable – she doesn’t have to decide that in the 31st week of pregnancy. The doctors will not give anything that will harm you or the child.

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