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Aids for seniors – clothing

by Josephine Andrews
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» Elastic Laces : Instead of re-lacing your shoes every time you put them on and take them off, elastic laces let you slip in and out of the shoe like a slipper. The annoying knot is eliminated. The elastic bands are tied into the shoe like ordinary shoelaces. To put it on, it is then simply spread – the straps give way.

» Button-on aid : The button-on aid consists of a hand-sized handle and a metal loop. This loop is put through the buttonhole, the button caught and then pulled back. For people with weak or stiff fingers, this device can make dressing easier.

» Sock donning aid : It helps when putting on and taking off the stockings. To do this, the stocking is slipped over a device into which the foot is placed. The stocking is then pulled over the foot with two long straps.

» Aid for putting on pants : Two long bands with clips at the end (similar to suspenders) are attached to the waistband of the pants. The pants can then be pulled up with the help of the straps.

» Belt without a buckle : This is an elastic belt that is attached to the right and left belt loops of the pants with one hook each.

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