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Aids for seniors – Electronics

by Josephine Andrews
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» Remote control : Almost all remote controls have many small buttons. Most of them are superfluous in standard operation and can hardly be grasped properly with old hands. There are specially designed devices for seniors that are much more handy and clearer. The most important buttons, such as volume and station selection, are generously proportioned and easy to press, even with restricted fingers.

» Cordless telephones and mobile phones : Many telephone manufacturers now offer devices with large buttons and easy-to-read displays. These models are also more generous in size. A clearly visible emergency call button is also part of the equipment. Some cordless phones have speed dial buttons that you can tag with pictures (such as photos of your granddaughter).

» Talking alarm clock : Hourly or by pressing a button, these clocks will tell you the time. If you wish, you can also be woken up by a cockcrow or other noises. Most devices also have a large digital display. A wristwatch with the same characteristics is also available.

» Talking clinical thermometer : Dutiful fever measurement is of no use if you cannot read the value. This thermometer tells you your body temperature loud and clear. A digital display is of course still appropriate.

» Health apps for smartphones or tablets : Health apps on smartphones or tablet computers offer health benefits for those who want to get to grips with modern technology. For example, there are small programs that remind you to take pills or where you can write down your blood pressure values. If you are particularly sporty, you might be happy about an app that counts your steps – a possible incentive for even more exercise. Permanent blood pressure measurement is also possible, which can be transmitted to your doctor.

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