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Aids for seniors – movement

by Josephine Andrews
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» Rollator: If you are more restricted when walking, the rollator will help you get back on your feet. It is a prop on wheels that you can easily push in front of you. With the handbrakes, the wheels can be locked at any time so that you have a better grip when standing. You can take short breaks on the seat if there is no chair or park bench in sight. The wire basket attached at the front offers space for shopping.

» Cane : These simple walking aids are essential if you are a little unsteady on your feet. Modern walking sticks have a flashing light so that cyclists cannot miss you in the dark. There is also a built-in siren that you can use to draw attention to yourself in an emergency. All of this is also available as a foldable version that easily fits into any larger handbag.

» Crutch stand: With this system you can retrofit your crutches. Two walking sticks can be connected to each other and form a cross. In addition, a third leg folds out. You can park the walking aids anywhere without them falling over.

» Shoe spikes : If you don’t want to miss your walk despite the icy weather, you should get spikes. The nubs are attached to leather sandals that easily slide over shoes. This gives you more traction on slippery roads. The spikes are available in different shoe sizes.

» Ice Pick for Walking Sticks : This screw-on attachment has metal hooks that dig into the icy ground. The claw provides more safety on slippery surfaces in winter. But don’t forget to wear sturdy shoes!

» Shopping trolley : This two-wheeled luggage trolley can relieve you of the heavy shopping. Instead of lugging full bags, just pull the cart behind you. This saves you energy and protects your joints. Make sure the handle of the trolley is high enough so you don’t damage your spine .

» Senior tricycle : In contrast to a normal wheel, the tricycle has two rear wheels, which provides additional stability. In between there is also space for a large shopping basket. The absence of the top frame bar makes it easier to get on and off. Gears, brakes and design are based on modern city bikes.

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