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Aids for seniors – food and drink

by Josephine Andrews
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• Thick-handled cutlery : A firm grip is particularly important when eating. Normal metal cutlery is often too dainty for older people. Cutlery with thicker handles, which are available in different thicknesses, is suitable. For normal cutlery, there are slip-on thickenings that make it easier to grip.

• Anti-slip tray : Such trays are coated in such a way that the dishes cannot slip. Not even if the tray tilts slightly to one side because the strength in the arms decreases when carrying it. So you can safely transport your meals and coffee again.

• Drinking aids: Cups with a spout and a tight lid make drinking easier when mobility in the throat and neck is restricted.

• Jumbo egg timer : Thanks to the clock with extra large lettering, you can always see when the tea is ready or the egg is sufficiently boiled. Alternatively, there are also egg timers that ring when the time is up. Also available are egg timers which are kept in the fridge with the eggs, cooked with them and play different tunes when the desired degree of hardness is reached.

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