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Aids for Seniors – Leisure

by Josephine Andrews
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» Pedal exerciser : If you have to spend a long time in bed or sit most of the time, this exercise device will help you to stay fit. Similar to a bicycle, you can pedal vigorously, but also while lying down or sitting. With regular exercises you strengthen your leg muscles and your circulation.

» Large playing cards : The size of the cards alone should not stand in the way of a bridge evening. Postcard-sized playing cards for seniors ensure that dealing and arranging does not degenerate into fumbling.

» Card shuffling machine : This device is a little bit of luxury, but if you are a passionate card player, you should treat yourself to it. At the push of a button, the machine shuffles a complete deck of cards.

» Extra-thick dice : With an edge length of three centimeters, dice suitable for seniors are significantly larger than normal dice. This makes handling easier. The number is easy to read.

» Large print books : many people find it difficult to read the delicate block letters as they get older. That’s why you don’t have to do without a good crime thriller. Ask your local bookstore for large print books. Most publishers print special editions for the elderly and the visually impaired. Novels, classics and puzzle books are part of the offer.

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