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Aids for seniors – Household

by Josephine Andrews
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» Cherry pit sack and bog hot water bottle : As soon as the coordination ability of the hands decreases, preparing a hot water bottle can be dangerous. Accidentally pouring the hot water over your skin could cause severe burns. A better alternative are these dry warmers. Both can be heated up in the microwave for a few minutes and then safely used for heating.

» Gripping aid : the instrument looks like very long pliers, it works like an extension of the arm. With the gripping aid, you can safely grab objects that are otherwise out of your reach. The pliers at the top can be fixed in any position. That way, even if your hand muscles get tired, the object won’t slip away from you.

» Key turner : This plastic attachment makes it easier for you to handle the house keys. It encloses the rear part of the key and serves as an extended handle. This is particularly useful for people suffering from finger weakness or arthritis.

» Bottle opener for twist caps : With this little helper, you can open bottles and jars without slipping off the lid. Visually, the aid resembles a large rubber cap that is placed over the closure. So you have everything under control.

» Grip thickening : pencils and pens are often too narrow for the elderly. There are plastic or foam rollers that you can put over the handles. So you have more in your hand and can swing the nib more easily again.

» Long-handled crest : With age, the strength in the shoulders decreases. Many can no longer raise their arms high enough to comb their hair. A comb with an extra long handle helps. The handle is movable and can be pulled apart to a length of more than 30 centimetres.

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