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Apartment adaptation – bathroom and shower

by Josephine Andrews
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For many people, the bathroom is relatively small and remodeling is more difficult. First change the door fitting and attach it in such a way that the door swings outwards. This creates space and also has a safety advantage. If you fall in the bathroom and lie in front of the door, helpers have easy access. Install fixed grab rails next to the shower, toilet and sink. You can avoid a fall if you lose your balance.

• Shower : It is ideal if the shower and bathroom floors are at the same height. The edge around the shower tray should be as low as possible. Frail people need a way to shower while seated. Special shower chairs or folding seats that are attached to the wall are suitable for this. Non-slip rubber mats belong on the smooth floor – both inside and outside the shower. If the bathroom is being re-tiled anyway, use small, non-slip tiles.

• Bath tub : The first problem is usually getting into the tub. A bathtub board helps here. It is laid across the tub and attached to the sides. It offers significantly more support than the slippery edge of the bathtub. The board is also suitable as a seat for showering.

A special tub lift is useful for frail people. This is an electrically operated chair that is placed in the bathtub and is height adjustable. So you can sit on the chair and automatically lower yourself into the tub for a comfortable bath. Be sure to place a non-slip mat on the bottom of the tub.

• Toilet : The toilet seat is often too low, making it difficult to get up. In this case, attachments that are placed on the bowl will help.

• Washbasin : There must be space for two people in front of the washbasin if you need help washing. The same goes for the bottom of the pool. There should be enough legroom here if you want to wash while sitting down. In this case, the mirror should also be mounted correspondingly low.

• Washing machine : A top loader saves more space than a front loader. Plus, you don’t have to bend down when stuffing in or getting out the laundry. If there is still space left, afford a tumble dryer. This saves you having to hang up heavy, wet laundry.

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