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Apartment adaptation – bedroom

by Josephine Andrews
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The adaptation of the home for people in need of care also extends to the bedroom. Read here what you should pay attention to!


There should be enough dressing space in the bedroom, including for an assistant if you need help getting dressed. In the best case, there is enough space for one or the other gymnastic exercise.

• Bed : Restful sleep is particularly important. The bed should be of high quality. We recommend a slatted frame that can be adjusted in several places and a high-quality foam or innerspring mattress. A grate that can be adjusted at the push of a button is not cheap, but worthwhile.

For people who lie in bed a lot, it is important that the mattress is not too hard. With a softer version, pressure points can be avoided. The lying surface should be about 50 centimeters above the floor, which makes it easier to get up. You can set up bed drawers that are too low with special wooden blocks. You can find cubes of the right size in medical supply stores. There are also special care beds for bedridden people.

• Bedside table : A large clock with large luminous numbers and a telephone should be placed on the bedside table. The table should be stable enough for you to lean on if necessary to get out of bed more easily. A permanently screwed wall lamp with an easily accessible switch is better than a bedside lamp. It is even better if the ceiling lighting can also be controlled from the bed. This allows you to keep track of things, even if you have to get up at night.

• Telephone : Many manufacturers offer special “senior citizens’ telephones”. These devices have larger buttons and a well-lit display. The operation is usually clearer, the loudspeaker is more powerful and the earpiece can also be adapted to hearing aids .

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