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Apartment adaptation – kitchen

by Josephine Andrews
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An ideal kitchen offers enough space for cooking, eating and socializing. You should also be able to accommodate some practical electronic devices such as a microwave and a small dishwasher.

• Cooking area : The stove should be near the sink. A shelf right next to the stove and at the same height makes it easier to quickly pull hot pots off the hotplate.

All work surfaces should be tailored to your height so that you do not unnecessarily strain your back. A height of four inches below the elbows is considered ideal. It is best to lower an area of ​​the countertop so that you can snip and cut while seated. The space under the plate is of course reserved for the legs. The right chair should be comfortable and stable. A swivel chair with armrests and lockable castors is ideal. Adjust the chair so that your forearms are relaxed on the countertop.

• Fridge : The fridge does not belong under the worktop, but within reach. This saves unnecessary bending and provides a better overview of the supplies.

• Oven : Whether oven or microwave – the device should be installed at eye level. There is no need to bend or kneel and you can keep an eye on the meal better.

• Stoves : Electric stoves are safer and easier to clean than old-fashioned gas stoves. Ceramic hotplates are ideal. If you can’t do without gas, you should get a modern stove with automatic ignition and safety. These mechanisms prevent the gas from flowing unhindered and possibly unnoticed into the home.

• Cupboards : Choose models with large drawers or pull-out wire baskets, preferably within reach. Devices that you use every day should be listed further up. Heavy objects do not belong in the top or bottom compartment. Taking it out would put unnecessary strain on your back. Large and thick handles on the cupboards make it easier to grab – especially if you suffer from arthritic complaints or rheumatism.

• Sink : Replace unwieldy rotary faucets with modern faucets with big levers. These batteries are also available with a built-in water hose. If necessary, you can pull a spray from the tap and fill pots that are next to the sink.

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