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Apartment adaptation – stairs

by Josephine Andrews
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Stairs are often a major obstacle – either they are insurmountable or they pose an increased risk of falling. Make sure that the individual steps are not damaged, smooth or brittle. Attach non-slip, colored coverings. You can still be seen even if you forgot your glasses, for example. On very long and wide stairs, you can place a chair halfway. So you can treat yourself to a break in between.

• Stair runners : There is a risk of tripping with stair runners that are not nailed or glued. They should either be properly attached or removed.

• Stairlift : Climbing stairs can become tedious. For the physically challenged, a stairlift is an option. This consists of a transport chair and a rail that is mounted on the stair wall. The armchair runs electrically and can be directed along the rail by means of a switch.

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