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Arnica: Effects and Area of Application in Homeopathy

by Josephine Andrews
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Arnica globules are the ideal remedy for treating minor everyday injuries and the ailments that follow. Arnica beads are used for strains and sprains, for example. They are also intended to help when a child has fallen or when an adult has aching limbs after a day of physical work. Read more about the effects, areas of application, dosage and intake of Arnica here

What is Arnica?

Arnica (Arnica montana) is a plant from the daisy family that grows in the low and high mountains of Europe and is also called mountain welfare. In Germany, the stock of Arnica montana is considered endangered and enjoys special protection.

Another name for the multi-petaled, light yellow, aromatic-scented flower is fallweed—a reference to one of its main uses. Since Arnica often grows on mountain slopes, climbers and hikers can conveniently use it to treat fall injuries.

How does Arnica work?

The effect as a medicinal plant is based on the essential oils and flavonoids contained in the flowers, which is why Arnica is harvested during the flowering period. Essential active ingredient of the arnica root is also an essential oil. These oils have anti-inflammatory, blood pressure-lowering and wound-healing effects.

The use of the fall herb as a wound healing agent was already known before the founder of homeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann. However, taking the herbal preparation was always viewed critically in folk medicine because of its side effects on the cardiovascular system, and purely external use was recommended.

Read more about the medicinal plant arnica here .

The homeopathic remedy Arnica, on the other hand, can also be used internally. For the homeopathic preparation, a tincture is made from the dried rootstock.

Arnica is the best homeopathic remedy for injuries and tissue damage of all kinds. It can also be used if the actual injury occurred some time ago.

The Arnica effect is said to reduce bleeding, pain and swelling after a fall or other injury and to have a beneficial effect on the healing process. It has no blood thinning properties.

The homeopathic preparation of Arnica is not only suitable for internal use, but also for external use. Inflammatory reactions and injuries to the skin can be alleviated by means of pads, compresses and embrocations.

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