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Avena sativa – homeopathic application & effect

by Josephine Andrews
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Avena sativa is a rarely used homeopathic remedy. It is said to act as a tonic after exhausting illnesses and to strengthen the nerves in nervous exhaustion. It is said to relieve overstimulation, palpitations, insomnia, loss of appetite or concentration problems and help to stay calm. Read more about the effects, dosage and homeopathic use of Avena sativa here!

What is Avena satvia?

Avena Sativa is the Latin name for oats and belongs to the grass family. To produce the homeopathic remedy Avena sativa, an essence of fresh, flowering oat herb is first prepared. This is then potentized according to the rules of homeopathic drug processing.

When is Avena sativa used?

Homeopathic Avena sativa is said to be suitable when the physical or nervous weakness is a result of certain circumstances – such as sexual overstimulation, pronounced worries, exhausting illnesses and excessive use or abuse of stimulants and drugs. The consequences of these triggering factors can manifest themselves in a wide variety of complaints such as nervousness or headaches.

While oats as a food can affect blood pressure and testosterone levels, this is not known for the homeopathic remedy.

Typical diseases and conditions that are said to respond well to Avena sativa

  • nervous exhaustion
  • mental breakdown
  • general weakness
  • nervous palpitations
  • insomnia
  • difficulty concentrating
  • headache
  • Appetitmangel
  • gastrointestinal disorders
  • potency problems
  • menstrual cramps

The following symptoms and complaints should point to Avena sativa

  • Inability to focus on anything
  • previous sexual excesses
  • Numbness in the extremities
  • powerlessness
  • previous serious illnesses, including influenza
  • Abuse of drugs and stimulants
  • Tremble

The symptoms get worse

  • fatigue
  • excitement
  • mental effort

These symptoms can either be the actual signs of the disease or accompany the disease. They should indicate that Avena sativa can be helpful for the sick person.

If the symptoms persist or get worse, always go to a doctor and have the cause clarified. This is especially true when it comes to illnesses in babies and children.

Avena sativa: baby and child

It is rather uncommon to give Avena sativa to a baby or toddler. The remedy may be suitable if the offspring does not sleep well after a serious illness. But there are other suitable homeopathic remedies for such conditions. An experienced therapist can advise you on this.

How is Avena sativa used?

Avena sativa is used either as a mother tincture or in low potencies. The mother tincture is an equal mixture of pressed plant juice and ethanol. The various potencies can be produced from this by gradually diluting and so-called “succussion”. This potentiation is said to enhance the Avena sativa effect.

Avena sativa is most commonly a component of homeopathic or herbal combination remedies used to strengthen the body and mind.

You can also use Avena sativa as a single agent. Five to fifteen drops of the tincture are usually taken several times a day for strength and weak nerves. To do this, dilute the drops with a little water .

For insomnia, taking ten to twenty drops of the tincture in hot water is recommended. It is best to take the remedy three hours before bedtime and immediately before it.

You can use Avena sativa D4 or Avena sativa D6 for loss of appetite or other problems that occur after serious illnesses. Take three globules several times a day. It is better to take Avena sativa D30 only after consulting an experienced naturopath.

Higher potencies such as Avena sativa 30C are uncommon.

Sometimes the symptoms get worse after you start taking it. In the event of such an initial aggravation, the intake of Avena sativa should be interrupted.

The concept of homeopathy and its specific effectiveness are controversial in science and not clearly proven by studies.

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