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Bach flower therapy: how it works!

by Josephine Andrews
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Bach flower therapy assumes that there are psychological causes behind physical illnesses. That is why they allowed themselves to be healed on a spiritual level. Negative mental behavior patterns such as inappropriate feelings of guilt, excessive assertiveness or a lack of sense of purpose could trigger illnesses or hinder the healing of existing illnesses. The causes of an illness are thus sought within the human being. Critics argue that if personal behavior is seen as the cause of illness, patients may experience psychological distress.

Bach Flower Theory

The founder of Bach flower therapy is the English doctor Edward Bach. He developed a system of 38 “happy natures”. That is 37 blossoms plus rock water, which are individually composed for each person.
He divided these 38 essences into seven groups. He assigned a specific plant or spring water to each of these states of mind:

  • dejection,
  • Angst,
  • lack of interest in the present
  • Lonliness,
  • excessive concern for others,
  • hypersensitivity,
  • Uncertainty.

The Bach flower therapy is intended to harmonize these negative psychological behavior patterns again and stimulate the self-healing powers. In addition, it should promote the development of personality. Bach flower therapy is not part of herbal medicine (phytotherapy), because the plant parts used are often not known medicinal plants.

Individual flower combinations

The Bach flower therapy does not treat physical illnesses directly, but sets impulses on the emotional level. For example, Gentian (autumn gentian) is considered a flower of faith: doubters should gain trust. Holly (holly) is said to transform hard-heartedness into generosity as a heart-opening flower. The therapist finds the right flowers when talking to the patient. Different flower essences are usually combined with each other.

Rescue Drops

From the 38 flowers, Bach chose five flowers, which he combined into an emergency mixture (rescue drops). This should help to better cope with an unforeseen shock situation, bad news or violent arguments. It should also help with fears, for example before exams, operations or a visit to the dentist. The Rescue Drops contain the following ingredients: Star of Bethlehem for shock, Rock Rose for panic and anxiety, Impatiens for stress and tension, Cherry Plum for despair and Clematis for dreaminess.

Healing vibration

The flowers are picked on a summer’s day in full sunshine, placed in a glass bowl with fresh spring water, and placed in the sun for a few hours (sun method). According to Bach’s reflections, the sun transmits the vibrational pattern of the blossoms into the medium of water , which is energetically changed in this way. The flowers are removed, the remaining solution is the mother tincture. It is diluted with alcohol, filled into bottles and later diluted further for therapy. The vibration in the liquid is said to have a healing effect on the state of the soul.

Not all of the plants used flower in summer, so there is a second method to produce the essences: the flowers are picked, boiled and then filtered several times. This solution is preserved with alcohol. Bach flowers are available by mail order and in pharmacies.

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