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Birth preparation course: What you will learn

by Josephine Andrews
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Many people think of a childbirth class as just a better gymnastics lesson. But the diverse courses are more than that: A birth preparation course optimally prepares pregnant women and their partners for the course of the pregnancy, the birth itself and the time afterwards. This can eliminate fears about the birth and worries about handling the newborn. Read more about the birth preparation course here!

Birth preparation course: Great benefit

Several scientific studies show that a childbirth preparation course brings great benefits. Targeted birth preparation can strengthen the mental and physical well-being of pregnant women – the ideal prerequisite for a normal and uncomplicated birth .

Many pregnant women, especially first-time mothers, therefore use the various offers for childbirth preparation: In addition to the classic childbirth preparation course, there are also special offers for pregnant women such as yoga, swimming , gymnastics, meditation or hypnosis. The father-to-be can also take part in many courses. In this way, men can increase their own wealth of experience and support their partner during pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and breastfeeding.

Information offers in the birth preparation course

In a classic birth preparation course, pregnant women are given useful information and exercises are offered:

  • Information about the course of pregnancy and possible complications
  • Information about the stages of labor and possible complications
  • Birth postures and various birth options such as water birth
  • relaxation and breathing techniques
  • delivery room tour
  • Information about pain relief options such as acupuncture
  • Discussions about worries and fears with the course leaders and exchange of experiences with other pregnant women
  • Information about childbirth, breastfeeding, baby care
  • Tips for involving family, friends, and neighborhoods
  • Information about formalities and administrative procedures

body awareness

Body awareness exercises are an essential part of any childbirth class. The pregnant women learn to feel structures in the abdomen such as the cervix and pelvic floor and to understand their function during childbirth. Individual muscle groups are trained and various breathing and relaxation exercises are practiced for the birth. This enables women to cope better with potential stressful situations during childbirth.

Increased well-being

During pregnancy, the female body adapts to the needs of the unborn child, which is not always pleasant. The mother’s body gains weight and becomes less flexible, the hormones occasionally upset the woman’s state of mind: dissatisfaction, insomnia, restlessness and fears about the course of the pregnancy or the birth become noticeable. A birth preparation course can be proven to promote the physical and mental well-being of pregnant women and thus support a healthy course of pregnancy and birth.

anxiety management

The fear of many women about the pain of childbirth is not unfounded. The pain of childbirth is among the most intense pain a human being can feel. However, they should not be a reason to opt for a caesarean section without medical necessity . In a birth preparation course, pregnant women learn everything important about contractions and birth pains and how they can best deal with them physically and mentally – for example with the right breathing technique. According to studies, this knowledge can reduce the fear of pain in pregnant women. 

Physical exercises such as gymnastics for pregnant women, which are offered as childbirth preparation courses, not only increase physical fitness. According to scientific studies, they also help to reduce anxiety – in pregnant women as well as in non-pregnant women.

men desired

A birth preparation course not only helps women to experience pregnancy, birth and the time afterwards in a powerful and well-informed manner. Men also benefit if they can be informed together with their partner about the different phases of the new family situation. In this way, fears and worries (also for fathers-to-be) can be reduced. In addition, men can develop a better understanding of the situation of women by taking part in a childbirth preparation course.

From when on birth preparation course?

In principle, a childbirth preparation course can be started very early. As a rule, a start from the 25th week of pregnancy is recommended. Ask your midwife or gynecologist about this and, if possible, take the opportunity together with your partner to prepare yourself optimally for the birth and the time afterwards by attending a birth preparation course.

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