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Computer addict? Not me!

by Josephine Andrews
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Who wouldn’t want to be a successful strategist or a popular singer? What often seems unattainable in your “normal” life is immediately possible with computer games. It’s the most fun when you meet up with your friends in virtual worlds and experience exciting adventures there. But beware: An addiction can develop from a harmless hobby.

Harmless hobby or addiction?

For most your age, computer gaming is just one hobby among many. In addition to “real” football games and bike tours with your best friends, “gambling” or “gambling” hardly takes up any time. Nevertheless, playing on the computer is a thorn in the side of many parents . You may be skeptical because there weren’t any games like this when you were young, especially shooting games. However, you may actually be overdoing it and really spending too much time on the PC.

You probably react rather irritably to comments like “Now leave the box alone” or “You’re already addicted”. In this way, conflicts gradually arise. If a spiral develops from this, for example because you want to escape the constant stress with your parents or at school in the virtual world, you will get stuck in a computer game addiction faster than you would like . Because in the virtual world you can be a hero, it confirms you and gives you support.

Computer addiction is a subtype of behavioral addiction that the World Health Organization recognizes as a “real” disease. But how do you know if your gaming behavior is still normal or if you are already addicted?

How do you recognize an addiction?

Basically, every child or young person has to be checked individually to see whether the use of computer games is questionable. It is important, for example, why you play, when you play, how often and how long you stay on your PC. But that’s not all: It also plays a role to what extent computer games distract you from other leisure activities or even affect your academic performance. Because as with any addiction, the dose you need will always increase. Some even neglect personal hygiene because of all the playing around. Physical fitness also suffers from hours of sitting in front of the PC. The more computer use affects your real life, the more you isolate yourself from your friends. Addiction makes you lonely. A vicious circle begins.

Incidentally, this also applies to social media – although experts here disagree as to whether it is a real addiction. If you spend so much time on Instagram, WhatsApp and Co. that you neglect friends and school, you should always give yourself a voluntary break of a few days or limit use to just one hour a day. If you can’t do this, you should get help.

Addicted – now what?

Those who spend most of their “life” in the virtual world need help. It often helps if you turn to your parents first and ask them to help you find a way out of the spiral of addiction. For example, you and your parents can look for a facility that specializes in treating computer addicts.

Facilities such as addiction aids or specialized clinics now have a whole range of offerings for PC addicts. The first and most important step out of addiction, however, is that you admit that you have a problem. Don’t hesitate too long – after all, real life is waiting for you!

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