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Crossfit: That’s behind the trend sport!

by Josephine Andrews
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Crossfit is considered an effective full-body workout that makes you sweat and burns calories. But critical voices claim that there is an increased risk of injury in the sport. Find out here what exactly Crossfit is, what effect the sport has on the body and whether it is suitable for beginners.

What is CrossFit?

Crossfit is a combination of cardio and strength training in which a variety of functional fitness exercises are performed quickly, in a specific amount of time, and in a specific format. In contrast to weight training, the athlete does not train individual muscle groups, but the entire body.

Exercises that imitate movements from everyday life are called functional. There are exercises that require little or no equipment and the athlete often uses their own body weight. Examples include push-ups and sit-ups. But exercises with barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, skipping ropes, pull-up bars, rings and medicine balls are also common in Crossfit.

The training is completed in so-called Crossfit boxes – this is what specially certified sports facilities are called. Various stations and equipment are set up there with which the athletes train. In the meantime, however, most gyms and martial arts centers also offer courses.

The “workout of the day”, or WOD for short, describes a specific sequence of exercises. Every day there is a new daily training, which the athletes complete. The training in the CrossFit boxes usually takes place in small groups of up to ten people.

This is how an hour of CrossFit works

A regular CrossFit unit usually lasts about an hour and consists of the following components:

  • Warm -up : A light warm-up gets the circulation going and helps warm up the muscles and prepare them for the exercises to come.
  • Workout of the day: A sequence of exercises specially put together for this day trains the body holistically. Typical exercises are, for example, the push-up jump (burpee), lunges (lunges) or push-ups (push-ups).
  • Stretching: At the end of the training, the muscles are stretched to avoid painful muscle soreness and to slow down the circulation again.

Functional training: Crossfit has this effect

Due to the training concept, Crossfit is part of the so-called functional training. This is what workouts are called that train the body holistically and are not limited to individual body parts or muscle groups.

The training units consist of free exercises designed to stabilize the musculoskeletal system and improve health. The result is improved endurance and a defined body.

Lose weight with CrossFit

The exercises with your own body weight and additional weights require a calorie consumption of up to 780 kilocalories per hour. You lose body fat during the sessions. At the same time, muscle mass increases with regular training. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn at rest.

In addition, the combination of strength and endurance training creates a high afterburn effect. This means your body will continue to burn fat for up to 24 hours after your workout.

Better Endurance Through CrossFit

Both long endurance units and short, intensive interval training improve what is known as cardiovascular endurance. It describes the ability of the cardiovascular system to absorb, transport and use oxygen. This ability is measurable. The higher the maximum oxygen uptake capacity of the cardiovascular system, the better the endurance.

This is demonstrably improved by regular CrossFit training.

Crossfit promotes flexibility and mobility

With Crossfit you improve the mobility of your joints – as long as you carry out the movements correctly. Mobility also depends on the strength and flexibility of the muscles.

Strength is the muscle’s ability to overcome and sustain resistance. She is also trained through CrossFit by building muscle mass and improving the interaction of the muscles. This also benefits mobility.

Crossfit strengthens stamina

Physical stamina describes how well the body can provide the energy required for a specific load.

The more varied and better trained you are, the faster it is possible for the body to access the necessary energy and to achieve maximum performance at different intensities. Therefore, CrossFit is often referred to as competitive training.

Is CrossFit healthy?

Crossfit is a workout that helps you lose weight while improving strength, endurance and toning the body. This also contributes to a better quality of life. – show studies?

However, there are experts who believe that CrossFit carries a higher risk of injury than other sports. The first studies have already examined this. However, it cannot be said in general whether CrossFit entails a higher risk.

Crossfit is a complex sport, so the right technique is particularly important. The exercises must be carried out correctly, how intensive the training is designed depends on your own level. It is also important to ensure that you have sufficient rest periods between the units. It is best to give the body a day or two to regenerate.

If the basics are missing, if the athletes are very ambitious or if there is no support from a trained trainer, injuries occur in every sport – including CrossFit.

In addition, a corresponding warm-up, mobilization and stretching program is very important in order to prepare for the upcoming training and to complete it accordingly.

Who is CrossFit suitable for?

Crossfit is scalable to suit all ages and fitness levels. The prerequisite, however, is professional care. Do not practice CrossFit on your own, especially as a beginner, as overloading or sports injuries are possible. In addition, it is advisable to have a sports medicine check-up at the beginning.

If you have health restrictions such as back or joint problems, you should refrain from training as a precaution.

It is best for pregnant women to discuss the training with their doctor beforehand. They also adjust the intensity accordingly and do not lift heavy weights, for example. Even after the birth, get your doctor’s advice before you start. Only when he gives the green light do they carefully start with the sport.

Crossfit equipment

Crossfit equipment includes comfortable, breathable sportswear and sturdy shoes. A yoga mat is also useful. You also need different equipment for some CrossFit exercises. These include, for example:

  • Dumbbells and barbells in different weight classes
  • Dumbbells, so-called kettlebells
  • medicine balls
  • thera bands
  • Jump sail
  • Sprungbox/Plyobox
  • Boxing set consisting of gloves and punching bag
  • Rowing machine or indoor bike for cardio training
  • Gymnastics Rings
  • Weight sled for pulling and pushing exercises

Crossfit: the most famous exercises

If you ‘re interested in trying CrossFit , here are some classic exercises for you. Please note, however, that beginners should start with an experienced trainer at their side.

Push-up jump (burpee)

For the push-up jump, bend your knees, place your hands by your feet, and squat down. Support yourself on your hands and from this position jump into a push-up (plank). Put down the body. From the prone position, push yourself back up and jump back into a squat. From the squat you then jump into the stretch jump. So start the exercise all over again.

Box jumps

For this you need a stable box or box. You can purchase special jump boxes or plyo boxes online. These are mostly made of wood. Stand up straight in front of it. Gain momentum and jump onto the box. It’s best to land with both feet in a slightly tucked position. Straighten your body and jump down backwards.

Kettleball Swings

Place your feet shoulder-width apart and bend your knees slightly. Gently pick up a kettlebell with both hands. Swing them through your legs and bring them up over your head.

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