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Dependence: What is it?

by Josephine Andrews
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Dependencies arise in every relationship. They are different and often contribute to the stability of a partnership. The term serfdom originally comes from legal language and describes a relationship of special dependence (formerly serfdom).

What does bondage mean?

Dependency is understood to mean the emotional attachment to another human being to the extent that personal freedom and human dignity are given up. The will of the ruling person can dispose of the subject insofar as the limits of law and morality are disregarded.

What is sexual bondage?

Sexual bondage is characterized by an abnormal dependence on another human being and is often associated with sadomasochistic practices . However, bondage can also mean an emotional dependency in which sexuality is not the focus.

The motive for the submissive part is their own egoism and the opportunity to determine their own scope and their own rules. The desire to experience the other as lovable and ready for sexuality is seen as a motive for the subordinate part.

In such dependency relationships, the autonomy of both partners in making decisions is severely restricted, since the apparently decisive partner is also dependent on the “subservience” of the other.

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