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Detox: Does it make sense?

by Josephine Andrews
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Lots of fruit, vegetables and water: A detox cure should free the body of stored harmful substances. At least that’s what the supporters of detoxification cures say. The body should be “detoxified” in this way. However, there is no scientific evidence for this. Read here everything worth knowing about the detoxification cure.

What is a detox cure?

There are different forms of detoxification. They usually last from seven days to four weeks.

Typical examples of a detox cure are:

The supporters of the detoxification cure follow the idea that the intestines and body must be regularly cleaned of deposited substances. These so-called slags are caused by improper nutrition, environmental toxins, chemicals, medicines or preservatives.

According to this theory, waste products can be deposited on a wide variety of parts of the body – for example on joints, organs and tissue. This leads to symptoms such as headaches , a weak immune system, constipation, sleep disorders or lack of concentration. These in turn can lead to secondary diseases such as allergies, diabetes, gout, neurodermatitis or psoriasis, according to the advocates of this method.

But there is no scientific evidence for this. According to representatives of conventional medicine, there are no waste products in the body. It has also not been proven that acid-forming foods disturb the acid-base balance.

Here you can find out more about alkaline fasting and the detox cure .

This is how a detox works

You can do a detox at home. There is no specific fixed plan, models vary. What they have in common is that alkaline-forming foods such as fruit, vegetables, nuts and legumes are always on the menu. Water and herbal tea are also important ingredients. Exercise, sauna or massages are also often part of a detox cure.

On the other hand, taboo are acid-forming foods, which, according to theory, lead to waste products. These include coffee, alcohol and black tea. Meat and sausage are also not provided.

Some models see the integration of base powders and base baths as possible helpers in a detox cure. However, they are usually quite expensive.

That brings a detox cure

If you ask the followers of detoxification cures, detoxification helps to cleanse the entire body. Among other things, this should improve the complexion and concentration and relieve the organs. Basically, a conscious diet with lots of fruit and vegetables is also good for your health.

Some detox programs, where participants only consume liquids, promise a loss of one kilo per day. In order to lose weight permanently, however, a fundamental change in diet is necessary. Otherwise, after the detoxification treatment, you will quickly have a yo-yo effect.

There are some clinical studies that indicate that a detox helps relieve stress on the liver. However, investigations into the effectiveness of a detox cure are defective due to the methods used and are often not meaningful due to the small number of test subjects.

Risks of a detox cure

There are studies that suggest a link between the acidity in the body and osteoporosis, otherwise there is no scientific proof of the effectiveness of the detox.

On the contrary: Conventional medicine considers detoxification cures to be sheer nonsense, because in a healthy human body there are neither accumulations of waste products nor are metabolic products deposited. Everything is excreted through the small intestine. In addition, the body’s buffer systems prevent over-acidification.

Purification cure: conclusion

In principle, detoxification does not do any harm, as it is only used for a limited period of time. Since there are many nutritious foods on the menu, there is no risk of shortages. However, a detox cure is not a miracle cure either.

Anyone who uses the spa time to change their diet from the ground up can find a good start to a healthier lifestyle with a detoxification cure . But: Stay away from detoxifying agents. They are usually expensive, but bring nothing.

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