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Dinner cancellation – this is how it works

by Josephine Andrews
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In the case of dinner cancellation , dinner is cancelled. You should also not take in any more calories from drinks in the evening. The assumption: This measure not only helps with weight loss, it should also prolong life and delay aging. Read here whether this is true.

Was ist Dinner-Cancelling?

Saving calories is the motto of dinner-cancelling: You only have to follow one rule: You do without dinner. Abstinence in the evening is said to have a positive effect on hormone levels and thus boost fat loss.

If you skip dinner, more growth hormones are released at night, which are responsible for the regeneration metabolism – renewal processes are thus supported.

In addition, dinner-cancelling is said to lower blood sugar levels and thereby stimulate the nocturnal production of the hormones somatropin and melantonin. These probably slow down biological aging, support muscle building and inhibit fat storage.

This is how dinner cancellation works

At least once a week, but ideally two or three times, when dinner is canceled after 4 or 5 p.m., nothing is eaten. There should ideally be a gap of 14 hours between the last meal and breakfast the next day. During this time, you must not drink anything that contains calories. Only unsweetened fruit and herbal tea and mineral water are allowed.

Start drinking zero-calorie beverages before you feel hungry – about two hours before you normally eat dinner. From then on, several cups or glasses of liquid are drunk every hour to stretch the stomach and stop at least some of the signals that create the feeling of hunger.

That brings dinner canceling

Opinions are divided on the benefits and effects of dinner cancellation: there are no clear scientific statements about it. While there are smaller studies examining when calorie intake supports weight loss, more research is needed.

Dinner-cancelling proponents believe that eating late stunts the hormones responsible for longevity and weight control. So if you skip dinner, regeneration processes can take place.

In addition, so-called free radicals should be released during digestion. They are sometimes responsible for the aging process. If the body does not have to digest it, the free radicals do not form.

Opponents of evening abstinence argue that total calories per day matter, not the time of day they are consumed.

One thing is certain: Anyone who manages to eat normally during the day, i.e. not to store food in view of the upcoming evening fast, can reduce weight with dinner-cancelling. And: The principle is very simple and easy to implement.

Risks of dinner cancellation

There are no health risks, as dinner cancellation only involves going without food for a few hours.

However, eating abstinence requires a lot of discipline. Bouts of food cravings are extremely likely, as is trouble sleeping because hunger gnaws at night. It is also often the case that after skipping dinner, breakfast is all the more sumptuous.

If you are sensitive to not eating or changing your diet , you may be struggling with circulatory problems or headaches.

Immunocompromised people should discuss dinner-cancelling with their doctor beforehand.

Dinner-Cancelling: Fazit

Anyone who regularly fasts in the evening without “eating more” before or after can lose weight. In addition, many people actually feel lighter in the morning after such a mini fasting period, and their skin looks fresher.

However, skipping dinner requires discipline. According to one study, it’s hard to find the energy to self-control if you’ve denied yourself a need for the past few hours. Therefore, eat healthily until the start of the dinner cancellation, but don’t be too strict with yourself.

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