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Dyeing gray hair: The most important tips

by Josephine Andrews
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Gray hair is a visible sign that we are getting older. Most people therefore want to cover them up for as long as possible. However, dyeing gray hair is not so easy. Read here how to cover gray hair well, what needs to be considered and what alternatives there are.

Have you spotted another new gray hair in the mirror? They often show their first gray hairs between the ages of 20 and 30 – first on the temples. Then they gradually spread to the back of the head.

The reason for this is that the coloring cells in the hair roots, the melanocytes, work more irregularly and more slowly with increasing age – until they stop producing melanin altogether. How quickly the hair turns gray is hereditary. But by the age of 50, every second hair in most people is gray.

You can find out more about this here: Gray hair .

Coloring and tinting make it possible to conceal gray hair. However, this is often not so easy, since not every coloring product is suitable for every type. We explain what you need to consider and what alternatives you have.

How to dye gray hair

When choosing a coloring product, be aware that gray hair will take on the color a little more than hair that is still pigmented. It is therefore better to tend to choose a slightly lighter shade than your natural tone. In principle, however, the coloring should not deviate more than two shades from your natural hair color.

If you dye your gray hair at home in your own bathroom, it is best to wear older clothes and use an older towel. If any of the hair dye lands on your face or neck, remove the stain immediately. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to get rid of him.

In order for the color to hold well, make sure that the hair is clean and free of silicone. Do not apply conditioner or treatment beforehand.

If you regularly color your gray hair , you risk dry, brittle hair over time. In addition, the chemical substances sometimes trigger allergies. The drugs can also cause liver and kidney damage. Gloves are therefore a must during coloring to keep the contact surfaces with the agent as small as possible.

With the first gray hair, strands are a gentle option. Blonde people in particular hide their first gray hair so well. The more nuances in the hair, the more genuine the result looks.

Tinting or coloring?

If you want to conceal gray hair, you usually ask yourself whether tinting or coloring makes more sense. Tints contain dyes that attach themselves to the outer cuticle of the hair or are so small that they penetrate the hair and give it color. However, gray hair can often not be completely covered with it.

Chemical hair color (coloration) is more suitable for dyeing gray hair. But this puts a strain on the hair structure. The reason: In order for the color pigments to be stored, the hair must first be made to swell. In addition, the hydrogen peroxide often contained in the products attacks the hair substance.

There is now another option: so-called repigmentation. With her, it goes back to the natural hair color step by step. A cream forms color pigments in the hair with the help of oxygen. The effects are similar to a coloration. However, mainly natural dyes are used. You also have the option of determining the color intensity yourself.

However, there are also limitations to repigmentation: Currently, it is only possible for people with dark hair. Also, the hair must not be dyed beforehand. In addition, the desired natural color does not always come about, sometimes there is a tinge of violet.

Dye gray root

If you have decided on a colouration, it is usually necessary to re-dye the white hairline that grows back every four to six weeks. If you do this at home, you can use special root dye sets, among other things. They do not allow for any visible transitions, as the color pigments they contain harmonize with different shades.

Apply the color to the front of the head first, then work across the crown of the head towards the back of the head. Do not skimp on the color mass. If needed, go over the white hair twice as well.

If you want to conceal your gray roots for a short time, you can also use special sprays or powders. They usually only last until the next hair wash – but they serve their purpose.

Dye gray hair blonde

If you want to dye gray hair and decide on a blonde shade, it is best to leave it in the hands of professionals. Achieving a beautiful blonde with gray hair is not easy. Instead of the pretty blonde, a bluish or turquoise color cast quickly comes out. Your hairdresser knows best what color mixture will give you the blonde you want.

Natural alternatives

Dyeing gray hair without chemicals is difficult. Today there is a wide range of “natural” herbal hair colors. However, experience with them shows that they only cover graying hair to a limited extent and that they sometimes have to be used several times to achieve a satisfactory result.

The following applies to dyeing with henna : The natural dye Lawson, which is contained in henna, has been classified as mutagenic by the EU scientific committee. On the other hand, the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment gave the all-clear after this assumption was not confirmed by animal experiments.

Care tips for gray hair

Gray hair itself does not require any special care. However, advancing age often affects the structure of our hair. If the hair becomes more sensitive, use products for damaged hair. Shine sprays or creams give dull hair a nice shimmer again. But if you still have robust hair despite your age, you don’t have to change your care.

Gray hair lacks the hair color pigment melanin. This acts as a UV filter and therefore protects against damage from solar radiation. Experts therefore recommend care products with UV filters for graying hair. If you are going to be in the sun for a long time, wear a scarf or hat.

Living with gray hair

There is currently no method to prevent gray hair or to give it permanent color again. More and more people are now consciously no longer having their gray hair dyed or even having their natural color changed to a noble grey. Whether you want to dye your gray hair or not is ultimately a matter of taste.

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