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Erogenous Zones: These are the places where they are!

by Josephine Andrews
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Elbows, scalp, soles of the feet: There are different places on the body that lead to a feeling of pleasure when touched. There is also talk of the so-called erogenous zones . Read here where erogenous zones are located in women and men and how you can stimulate them.

What are erogenous zones?

The word “erogenous” comes from the Greek and means “sexually irritable”. There are almost 80,000 nerve cells in our skin, the largest sensory organ in our body. These nerve endings are concentrated in some places – for example on the elbows or soles of the feet. They are exactly there the erogenous zones.Tender touches on these skin areas can lead to proverbial fireworks of lust .

But not every touch of an erogenous zone immediately leads to sexual arousal. Rather, it is different for each person what triggers desire in him. That’s because adventures happen in the mind first. This means that there is no pleasure if the brain does not allow it.

Sexual fantasies, smells or noises can trigger the feeling of pleasure in the brain. As pleasure increases, the brain sends more signals to the nerve endings of the erogenous zones. And these, in turn, absorb more stimuli and pass them on to the brain. Only then are the erogenous zones activated, so to speak.

It is also crucial who touches the erogenous zones. Some attraction must already be there. So if, for example, the gynecologist touches a sensitive area during the check-up, we don’t feel aroused at all.

The vaginal and penis regions in particular contain numerous erogenous zones. The mouth is also one of the classics. Other popular erogenous zones are:

the scalp

The scalp is full of nerve endings. Many people feel pleasure when their partner runs their fingernails lightly over the scalp and also relates the area between the ears and just above the neck. Some people also like it when their partner gently pulls their hair.


The inner side of the wrist is highly sensitive. The skin there is thinner and sensitive to heat and cold. Gentle touches often trigger a good feeling in the other person.


The inner thighs are also receptive to touch – both with the hands and with the mouth.

Where are erogenous zones located?

In general, erogenous zones can be divided into two groups: specific and non-specific erogenous zones.

Non-specific erogenous zones

Nonspecific erogenous zones include areas of skin that have normal nerve density and are mostly non-hairy:

  • the sides of the neck and the poll
  • the feet and the soles of the feet
  • the sides of the chest
  • the insides of the arms
  • back and spine
  • the loins
  • the belly
  • the buttocks and thighs (especially the inner thighs)

Both sexes are equally sensitive to these spots.

The elbow, on the other hand, is only a purely female erogenous zone. About 65 percent of women become sexually aroused by being caressed there.

For the non-specific erogenous zones, arousal arises not only from the feeling of touch, but because further caresses and stimulation of the specific erogenous zones are expected. So it’s more of a sort of anticipation of what a touch in those places promises.

Specific erogenous zones

The specific erogenous zones essentially include skin and mucous membrane areas with an extremely large number of nerves. These include, for example

  • the nose
  • the areas around the eyes
  • the mouth and oral cavity
  • the auricles
  • the armpits
  • the nipples

The respective sex organs also belong to the specific erogenous zones. This is where most of the nerves are.

As a result, the sensitivity and receptivity to sexual stimuli are very high. These sensitive points not only arouse desire during foreplay. They can also increase desire during sex and make the body tremble.

Erogenous zones in men

In addition to the unspecific zones to which both sexes react, particularly gentle caresses on the buttocks behind the testicles are the ultimate pleasure makers. By far the most sensitive zone is the tip of the member, the glans. Above all, touching the lower part of the glans increases his lust immeasurably.

But the testicles, the scrotum and the prostate are also sensitive erogenous zones specific to men. The prostate is also known as the male G-spot .

Here’s how to stimulate the prostate .

The woman’s hands should not remain unused during oral sex. If she satisfies the man with her mouth, the woman can caress the erogenous zones around the penis with her fingers. This makes the climax even more intense for the man.

Erogenous zones in women

In women, the number one non-specific zone is the skin of the neck. There she is particularly sensitive and easy to arouse.

The specific gender areas are at least as sensitive. The vagina, clitoris, and breasts, including nipples, are the largest erogenous zones. A skilful caressing of the right places can lead to the highest feelings of happiness. The best example of this is the “sex points”: the G-spot, A-spot, PS-spot and U-spot.

The Gräfenberg zone – the G-spot

The G-spot is on the abdominal side just behind the entrance of the vagina. A particularly large number of nerve endings come together there, so that stimulation can ensure an incredible orgasm .

Find out more about the woman’s G-spot here .

The A point

The A-spot is a patch of delicate tissue just above the vaginal roof near the cervix. Stimulating these erogenous zones results in a longer, faster, and more powerful orgasm for most – but not all – women.

PS point and U point

The other points are similar: The PS point, which sits under the perineum, and the U point, which is located at the side of the urethral entrance. They also trigger strong feelings in women.

Erogenous zones and sex toys

Some of the woman’s erogenous zones, which are located in the vagina, for example, can hardly be stimulated without tools. Sometimes it is therefore helpful to use special sex toys – such as a vibrator. This means that the A point can also be stimulated better and more intensively.

In order to be able to enjoy the exciting effect of the erogenous zones during lovemaking for two, it is important to know what the other likes. You can quickly find out which areas are particularly arousing: with a tenderly stroking journey of discovery.

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