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Eye care: How do I properly care for my eyes?

by Josephine Andrews
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For a radiant and fresh look, caring for the sensitive skin around the eyes is particularly important. Eye care includes a nourishing cleansing in the morning, make-up removal in the evening and the care of the eye area by applying suitable creams . Read here how to properly care for your eyes and which products are best suited for eye care!

How to properly care for your eyes!

There are two steps to daily eye care: cleaning the eyes and applying cream to the area around the eyes. We explain to you what needs to be considered.

cleaning of the eyes

In order not to unnecessarily strain the eye area, it is important to clean the eyes thoroughly. Remove make-up residue from the eyes with a suitable eye make-up remover.

However, not only mascara and eye shadow, but also dust and dirt particles collect on the eyes, eyebrows and eyelashes over the course of the day. Products with mineral oils, fatty oils or prepared cotton pads and cloths are suitable for removing.

When removing make-up and cleaning, follow one stroke direction: away from the inner corner of the eye towards the temple. So no dirt particles get into the eyes.

After cleaning, use your normal facial care.

It is good if the cleaning products are so mild that the eyes neither burn nor become irritated.

Apply lotion to your eyes properly

The sensitive eye area benefits from the right care technique. Always apply eye cream in one direction and without rough tugging or rubbing. This prevents unnecessary wrinkling.

To do this, take a small amount of the eye care on your fingers and start with a circular movement around the eye on the inside of the corner of the eye. Over the eyebrow, drive the circle to the outer corner of the eye. Then cream from the outer corner of the eye under the eye back to the inner corner of the eye.

Apply the care products under the eye with a gentle tapping motion. The ring finger is good for this. This protects the particularly fine skin at this point.

Daily eye care: appropriate products

It is good if the care products for the eyes do not contain any strong surfactants or emulsifiers. Also, avoid products with artificial additives.

Various emulsions for eye care are currently available. An emulsion is a finely divided mixture of two liquids, such as oil and water . One liquid is distributed in small droplets in the other liquid. An important component of an emulsion is the emulsifier (surfactant). It makes it easier for the droplets to combine.

Distinctions are made:

  • Oil-water emulsions: They are easy to spread, absorb quickly and are suitable as a base for eye make-up.
  • Water-oil emulsions: They are suitable for very dry areas around the eyes and are particularly suitable as night care due to their high fat content.
  • Preparations that care and improve the hold of eye make-up.

How eye care products work depends on the respective ingredients. The following list shows active ingredients that are frequently used in eye care:

Hyaluronic acid in eye care

Hyaluronic acid is a component of many care products, especially for the eyes. This is due to the many biological processes that the acid is involved in. This concerns, among other things

  • repair processes
  • wound healing
  • tissue regeneration
  • inhibition of inflammatory processes

Hyaluronic acid is available in the form of creams, gels, lotions or serums for daily eye care. You can get the products in the pharmacy, at the beautician or in shops that sell cosmetic products.

Once in the skin, the acid enlarges the soft tissue ( fat , conjunctiva, muscles) and thereby fills in fine wrinkles. The substance also provides the skin with moisture and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin – two important components of firm skin.

Eye care with hyaluronic acid achieves the following effects:

  • tighter skin
  • more elasticity
  • Facial rejuvenation
  • reduces wrinkles and scars
  • Rejuvenation of the tear duct (area on the lower eyelid)

Especially in the fight against wrinkles and in facial rejuvenation, hyaluronic acid achieves good results. The effect is scientifically proven.

Collagen in eye care

Collagen is found in many eye care products. It is a structural protein of the connective tissue. Collagen fibers give the skin elasticity. Over time, however, the collagen concentration decreases, making the skin appear looser.

This is why anti-aging eye creams in particular rely on collagen. After the first application, the collagen penetrates the top layer of skin and visibly improves the surface. With regular use, the effect lasts for almost two months.

In summary, collagen in eye care has the following effects:

  • finer appearance of the skin surface
  • reduces fine and coarse lines and wrinkles
  • provides the skin with long-lasting moisture

Sun protection in summer

Especially for the summer, nourishing eye creams with an integrated sun protection factor are recommended. Because the skin around the eyes is particularly susceptible to UV rays and wrinkles develop more quickly. Therefore, use an eye care product with the appropriate sun protection factor for your skin type.

Also wear sunglasses on particularly sunny days. This keeps the UV radiation away from the eye as far as possible. This protects the eye itself and the skin around it.

Why take special care of the eye area?

The skin around the eyes is the thinnest on our entire body. Signs of tiredness and stress quickly appear here . The connective tissue is loose and there are few glands. In addition, there are no fat deposits under the skin in the area around the eyes.

Therefore, the eye area requires special care – the skin dries out faster than on other parts of the body and wrinkles form much earlier. through the loose

Connective tissue easily retains water and can cause the eyes to swell.

With the help of the right eye care, you can improve these cosmetic complaints in the eye area and even eliminate them in some cases.

Eye care for men

Men also need eye care products. The important ingredients in an eye cream for men are no different from those in an eye cream for women. Hyaluronic acid also pads out wrinkles and moisturizes men. Collagen keeps skin firm.

Aloe vera and urea (urea) are also suitable ingredients for eye care. They moisturize the delicate skin around the eyes. Urea in particular has a moisturizing effect and therefore cares for dry skin particularly sustainably.

Some eye care products for men also contain caffeine or other active ingredients that are currently in vogue. In most cases, there is no scientific study on the effect.

Please note, however, that men’s and women’s skin only has the same requirements in the area around the eyes, as it is particularly thin here. In the rest of the face, the composition of the skin differs according to gender. This is related to the influence of sex hormones on the skin.

Immediate help for swollen eyes and dark circles

Everyone probably knows it: In the morning after getting up, the eyelids are uncomfortably swollen. Water has accumulated in the connective tissue and causes a tired look. With a few tricks, swollen eyes are a thing of the past.

Cool compresses

Cool eye compresses are a good home remedy for puffy eyes. To do this, place a cool pack or a cold grain pillow from the fridge on your eyes – about five degrees Celsius is cold enough. Leave the compress on for a few minutes until the swelling goes down.

You can get special cooling eye masks from the pharmacy. Nice side effect: the compress on the eye also counteracts dark circles under the eyes and soothes strained eyes.

Eyebright infusion

An eyebright infusion also helps as a home remedy for irritated and swollen eyes. Eyebright herb is available from pharmacies. Pour 250 milliliters of boiling water over two tablespoons of cabbage. Cover and let the tea steep for ten minutes and then sieve off the parts of the plant, preferably with a tea filter.

Dip a cotton cloth in the cooled tea, squeeze out the cloth and place it on the affected eye. Leave the compress on for about ten minutes. This soothes the eyes and helps against slight redness and swelling.

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