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Facial gymnastics: effect & exercises

by Josephine Andrews
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Sagging cheeks, dark circles under the eyes, double chin – with increasing age, the skin loses its firmness and elasticity, wrinkles appear and the contours of the face sag. Anti-aging facial gymnastics trains the muscles in the face and reduces the visible signs of skin aging.

Facial gymnastics: instructions

There are specific exercises for each “problem zone”. Here we present a few. Important: Gently smooth out expression lines on the treated areas of the face with your hands during training. This ensures that existing wrinkles are not increased by the exercises.

For the mouth area

This facial gymnastics exercise works against hanging corners of the mouth and wrinkles at the corners of the mouth:

  • Open your mouth and press your upper and lower lips firmly against your teeth.
  • Now smile broadly, pulling the corners of your mouth in and up.
  • Relax the corners of your mouth again.
  • Repeat contracting and relaxing the corners of your mouth 30 times.
  • Finally, tighten the corners of your mouth again and hold the tension for 30 seconds.
  • The upper lip in particular remains firmly pressed against the teeth during the exercise so that no wrinkles form under the eyes.

For the eye area

These facial gymnastics exercises work against bags under the eyes, dark circles under the eyes and crow’s feet:

Exercise 1:

  • Gently pinch your temples with your fingertips.
  • Now blink quickly for about ten seconds.
  • Repeat the exercise five times.

Exercise 2:

  • Form circles with your thumb and forefinger and place them around the eyes.
  • Using the fingers shaped in a circle, tighten the skin of the eyes up and down.
  • Blink quickly for about 30 seconds.
  • Repeat the exercise about 20 times.

Exercise 3:

  • Put your index fingers under your eyes towards your nose.
  • Fix the lower lids with the index fingers.
  • Now look up and blink quickly about 30 times.
  • Repeat the exercise three times.

Facial gymnastics for fuller lips

Regular “kissing mouth” exercises can make the lips appear fuller:

Exercise 1:

  • Form a kissable mouth.
  • Describe small circles with the pursed lips – alternately to the right and to the left.

Exercise 2:

  • Form a kissable mouth.
  • Pinch your nostrils together.
  • Relax your mouth and nose muscles again.

Both exercises can also be repeated from time to time.

Get rid of sagging cheeks with facial exercises

This exercise strengthens the chin muscles and softens so-called chin or sagging cheeks. It also works as a facial gymnastics against a double chin. Since the exercise is very intense, a few repetitions are sufficient at the beginning.

  • Open your mouth. Pull your lower lip firmly over the lower row of teeth.
  • Smile broadly as if pronouncing an “e.” Pull the corners of your mouth inward.
  • Advance the lower jaw and slowly move it up and down 20 times.
  • To finish, with lower lip pushed over lower teeth, lower jaw protruded, and corners of mouth pulled in, lift the lower jaw and hold the contraction for 30 seconds.

Facial gymnastics: effective against wrinkles?

Facial gymnastics, facial muscle training, facial yoga – targeted training units for the face are currently experiencing a real boom under these names. Cosmetic studios, fitness institutes and even yoga schools offer workouts to tighten the facial muscles. There are also websites with practical exercises.

Muscle mass instead of wrinkles

The trend is based on a simple logic: If you can tighten your stomach, legs, buttocks and other problem areas with regular muscle training, you can also smooth your face. Because wrinkles do not only develop because the skin becomes less elastic with increasing age and the padding subcutaneous fatty tissue disappears. But also because the muscle mass decreases, so that the skin slacks.

According to the theory, anyone who trains the 20 or so facial muscles regularly builds muscle mass, which tightens the skin.

The first study results confirm the effectiveness

A non-representative study by American researchers confirms these relationships. The study participants completed half an hour of facial exercises every day. After 20 weeks, they had clearly gained muscle mass in their faces, so that independent dermatologists estimated them around three years younger than they actually were.

However, fewer than 20 participants took part in the study. It is therefore not representative. Larger studies to verify the results are in the planning phase.

There’s no harm in trying

Even if the effectiveness of facial gymnastics has not (yet) been sufficiently proven, there is nothing to prevent you from trying out the exercises and getting your own impression of this gentle anti-aging method.

However, in order not to increase existing wrinkles, it is important to tighten them with your fingers during training. If you follow this tip, nothing stands in the way of a wrinkle-relieving facial workout.

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