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The Feldenkrais Method: How it works!

by Josephine Andrews
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Slowly, gently and with many breaks: The Feldenkrais Method brings consciousness and body together. Mindful movements while lying down help improve self-awareness and reduce pain. Read more about the teaching here.

What is the Feldenkrais Method?

The Israeli scientist and judo teacher Moshé Feldenkrais developed a pleasant form of movement that does not require any muscle exertion. The focus is on the practitioner feeling the gentle, varied and often unusual movements.

The lessons usually take place lying down. In this relaxed position, problematic postures can be changed more easily. The topics of a lesson are different, the focus can be: all joints, including the jaw and the eyes and functions such as bending, stretching, turning, tilting, circling, rotating.

Aim of the Feldenkrais Method

The goal is clear self-awareness, which will permanently improve mobility, coordination and functionality of body and mind.

What is good for me? What do I need? How can I act differently? What alternatives are there to my usual routine? By being aware of himself and his situation, the practitioner can bring more lightness and well-being to all areas of life.

How does the Feldenkrais Method affect the body?

The Feldenkrais Method will help you in principle

  • to stay mentally fit
  • achieve deep physical and mental relaxation

For example, it ensures suppleness in all joints, deep breathing and a flow of energy that is noticeable through a pleasant tingling sensation. The exercises strengthen the back from the inside.

The Feldenkrais Method makes everyday movements such as sitting, standing, walking, running and cycling easier . In addition, there is a quick grasp of movement arts such as Tai Chi and dancing .

The exercises release blockages in the head. You perceive old thought patterns and can actively change them. The Feldenkrais Method also helps you to put the familiar aside and familiarize yourself with the unfamiliar.

Many participants feel more joie de vivre, creativity and self-confidence after the sessions.

Feldenkrais Method: How does a session work?

There are two forms of application of the Feldenkrais Method: individual treatment and group instruction.

group lessons

In group lessons, the participants explore different movement sequences – slowly and consciously. They modify and reassemble them. The effect: The unusual task and the special perception create new connections between the nerve cells in the brain , which support the movement process.

private lessons

Individual lessons are specially designed to meet the individual needs of the participant. As a rule, the teacher touches the participant at certain points and observes whether these gentle movements are perceived. Specific complaints can be addressed in private lessons.

What does the Feldenkrais Method have to do with mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the be-all and end-all of the Feldenkrais Method. Without mindfulness and awareness, bad posture can prevail. They are often the basis for limitations and pain. A well-known quote from Feldenkrais is: “Agility starts in the brain.”

Who is the Feldenkrais Method suitable for?

The Feldenkrais Method serves as a basis for movement for people of all ages and abilities. It doesn’t matter whether you want to dissolve tension, limitations and pain or whether you are an athlete, dancer or artist who wants to improve.

Feldenkrais, on the other hand, is rather unsuitable for those who don’t like lying down – although there are also exercises while sitting or standing. It also takes some time at the beginning, which you should take because a lesson lasts 30 to 60 minutes. With increasing practice, however, you also benefit from shorter units.

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