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Homeopathic Ledum: effect and application

by Josephine Andrews
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The homeopathic remedy Ledum is said to relieve symptoms of insect bites. It may also help with injuries caused by punctures from sharp objects, hits or bruises and dislocations of small limbs such as fingers or toes. Anyone who has been bitten by an animal can also start a treatment attempt with Ledum. Read everything you need to know about the effects and use of Ledum here.

When is Ledum used?

Ledum palustre marsh tea is a heather family. In potentized form it is used as a homeopathic remedy to treat injuries. Ledum is mainly used for puncture wounds and injuries to muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints as well as insect bites.

But you can also start a treatment attempt with Ledum for rheumatoid pain. The most important characteristic that points to Ledum as a suitable homeopathic remedy: The affected parts of the body feel cold and the symptoms improve with cold and cold applications.

Some homeopaths also prescribe Ledum as a preventive measure when a person is in areas with high levels of mosquitoes and other insects such as ticks. Others recommend Ledum against ticks even after the bite has taken place.

In particular, when using Ledum against ticks, you should always consider the risk of infection with Lyme disease or TBE and seek medical advice if necessary.

There is also debate as to whether Ledum can prevent or mitigate the unpleasant side effects of vaccination.

Diseases and conditions that respond well to Ledum

  • Insect bites (especially if they become infected)
  • animal bites
  • Bruises with bruises
  • Puncture wounds and lacerations
  • sprains and strains
  • “black eye”
  • gout
  • rheumatic complaints

Symptoms and ailments that indicate Ledum

  • affected area feels cold, is swollen and has a blue-purple discoloration
  • severe itching, aggravated by scratching
  • Injuries become infected and fester
  • Pain that radiates deep into the tissues
  • those affected tend to freeze

The complaints get better:

  • from cold and cold applications
  • through rest

The symptoms get worse:

  • through heat (e.g. in bed) and warm applications
  • when moving
  • by scratching

These symptoms can either be the actual signs of the disease or accompany the disease. In any case, they point out that Ledum can be the right remedy for the patient from a homeopathic point of view.

If the symptoms persist or get worse, always go to a doctor and have the cause clarified. This is especially true when it comes to illnesses in babies and children.

Ledum for baby and child

Children often sustain minor, sometimes serious, injuries. Many parents then want to support the healing with a homeopathic remedy. Ledum is said to have proven particularly useful for puncture wounds and lacerations, bite injuries, sprains, bruises or “black eyes”.

Especially with bruises on children’s hands and feet and with long-lasting bruises, you can try treatment with Ledum. Check whether your child’s symptoms improve with cold applications. If you can determine this, Ledum is the injury drug of choice.

It is also the most important homeopathic remedy when your child has been bitten by mosquitoes or bees, or by spiders or other animals such as dogs, cats or rats. In the vast majority of cases, medical attention will be sought, but administration of Ledum may help the wound heal and reduce inflammation and itching.

You can also administer Ledum against ticks in children or the consequences of tick bites. This can support medical measures to prevent infection.

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