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G-spot in men: How to stimulate the prostate

by Josephine Andrews
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Much discussed among women, but rarely an issue among men: the G-spot . What a pity. Because basically it also exists with him. It’s the prostate. Read here how to stimulate the G-spot – or P-spot – of your partner and what risks are involved.

What is the G-spot in men?

There is much speculation about the female G-spot , the stimulation of which is supposed to provide more sexual pleasure. In men, on the other hand, it is not talked about much. It’s easier to find him with them.

In men, the G-spot is the prostate, which is about the size of a walnut. That’s why we often don’t talk about the G-spot, but the P-spot. All people who are born males have them.

The prostate lies below the bladder and surrounds the urethra. It consists of glands, gland ducts and muscle fibers.

It is not yet clear exactly how the prostate gives pleasure during sex . There is also a reluctance in the scientific community to study the phenomenon. Possibly because it requires rectal insertion and stimulation for further insight. However, according to a 2018 study, there are two different ways the prostate increases sexual pleasure.

Nerve stimulation makes you feel good

According to the first theory, there is a collection of nerves that connect to the prostate. These nerves, called the prostate plexus, come from the lower part of the pelvic plexus, which is near the spine. The prostate, penis, and urethra are connected to these nerves.

It is assumed that if the nerves are stimulated, this also has an effect on sexual sensation.

Stimulation of the prostate provides more pleasure in the head

The second theory involves the brain . It’s possible that a man will feel more pleasure if he gives his mind more attention to the prostate. This is because there is a correlation that when a person focuses on and practices stimulating the prostate, they become more aroused. This leads to a rewiring in the brain.

According to the study, this process causes the brain to anticipate sexual pleasure every time the prostate is stimulated, and orgasms to be felt correspondingly more intensely.

How can you stimulate the prostate?

The best way to locate the prostate is via the anus. About five to seven centimeters behind the entrance of the anus, it can be felt as a soft ball on the front intestinal wall – towards the abdominal wall. There are two ways to stimulate the prostate: direct and indirect.

Direct Stimulation

The anus offers the most direct route to reach the male G-spot. To stimulate the prostate use either one or two fingers or sex toys . Some butt plugs are shaped with prostate stimulation in mind, making it easier to find the G-spot.

A light massage or crawl creates a very intense, beautiful body and pleasure feeling. These stimuli cause the ureters to pulsate, the prostate muscles to contract, and the pelvic floor muscles to contract. It is a physical reaction similar to that seen in male orgasm .

This form of stimulation is sometimes even enough to climax.

Indirect Stimulation

Indirect stimulation from the outside is possible by gently massaging the perineum – i.e. in the area between the scrotum and the anus.

What should be considered when stimulating the prostate directly?

As with anal intercourse , particular caution is required when inserting fingers or sex toys into the anus. The sphincter should be gently stretched. This process is easier if the man pushes slightly during insertion, such as when having a bowel movement. Also pay attention to the following things:


Hygiene is very important when stimulating the prostate. As a rule, there is contact with feces, which quickly settles under the nails and is still there even after washing the hands.

It is therefore advisable to put on latex gloves or a condom over the sex toy. If you use wipes afterwards, make sure they don’t contain alcohol.


In order to stimulate the prostate painlessly, plenty of lubricating gel is necessary. Choose a silicone-based lube to reduce friction and prevent painful chafing or tearing. Specialist shops have special lubricants for anal intercourse.

Make sure that your fingernails are cut short and that the utensils used do not have any sharp corners or edges.

What are the risks of anal prostate stimulation?

There are some risks associated with prostate stimulation. This includes:

Sphincter tears

If you are rough or careless, or if you use anal stimulators that are too large, you may tear the sphincter.

Severe overstretching can cause permanent damage and then affect continence, the ability to hold stool.

Increased risk of infection

If light bleeding occurs, there is an increased risk of infection, for example with HIV, hepatitis B or C. In most cases, however, this bleeding can be stopped quickly by cooling with ice.

Creams with panthenol are suitable for better healing of external cracks – always provided that there are no allergies to it. Sometimes sitz baths with additives containing tanning agents such as Tannolac provide relief and lead to faster wound healing.

tears in the intestinal wall

Careless handling in the intestines can lead to tears in the intestinal wall. This will trigger heavier bleeding. Since bacteria get into the abdomen in these cases, there is a need to go to a hospital immediately.

Careful selection of sex toys

Choose sex toys wisely: they should definitely be thickened at one end so that full insertion into the intestine is impossible. Otherwise there is a risk that you will no longer be able to remove the inserted object.

If this happens despite all precautions, medical attention is required. If you or your partner attempt to remove or search for the object in an amateurish manner, the risk of injury increases enormously.

Glass, bottles or sharp-edged objects are not recommended due to the high risk of injury. Under certain circumstances, negative pressure may occur when open vessels are inserted. In these cases, too, consult a doctor.

What is the function of the prostate?

The prostate produces a clear, milky secretion that, together with the sperm cells, forms the ejaculate. This alkaline liquid ensures the motility of the sperm cells.

Without this secretion, the sperm cells could not pass through the acidic environment in the vagina and ascend into the uterus.

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