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G-Spot: Find and stimulate

by Josephine Andrews
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The G-spot : does it exist or does it not exist? This question remains controversial to this day. Thought to be inside the vagina, the G-spot eludes any definite scientific evidence. He should trigger particularly intense orgasms with targeted stimulation. Read here where you can find the G-spot and how the G-spot can be stimulated.

G spot: what is it?

What is the G-Spot? It is said to be particularly sensitive because of its highly sensitive tissue. When excited, it can probably swell, become hard, and secrete fluid from special glands. In this context, some sexologists also speak of female ejaculation.

The German gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg is considered the discoverer of the G-spot. In 1950 he described a zone in the front vaginal wall that is said to be responsible for particularly intense orgasms. Gräfenberg assumed that during sexual intercourse it was not the stimulation of the clitoris that triggered the female orgasm , but rather the targeted rubbing of the penis on the G-spot .

Even if the G-spot is often described, its existence has not been scientifically proven to this day.

Where’s the G-spot?

You can reach the G-spot in women through the vagina: it should be about three to five centimeters from the vaginal entrance behind the front vaginal wall, near the urethra. Shape and size as well as individual sensitivity vary greatly from woman to woman.

The G-spot should be best seen when you are sexually aroused. Because then the tissue swells at this point and becomes hard, which can be seen by touch.

How can the G-spot be stimulated?

The G-spot can be specifically stimulated – with fingers, penis or vibrator. It is important that the partner feels comfortable and relaxed. A massage or pats can get you in the mood beforehand. If your partner is lying on her back, a pillow or towel under her pelvis makes the position more comfortable for both of you. If you want, you can also use lubricant.

Insert finger, penis or vibrator. A few centimeters behind the vaginal entrance there is an area that, in contrast to the rest of the vaginal wall, is a little rougher and gets larger when aroused. You can now specifically stimulate this area with stroking, rubbing and vibration.

G-spot in men

A G-spot in men is also discussed. In men, the G-spot is the prostate, which is about the size of a walnut. That’s why people often talk about the P-point.

Enlarging the G-spot: This brings an injection

With a G-spot injection, the corresponding area is given more volume with hyaluronic acid or autologous fat. As a result, the friction during sexual intercourse or other stimulation can be increased and the feeling of pleasure can be significantly increased. The patients hope that this will improve their ability to have an orgasm.

The treatment is an intervention in the field of plastic surgery and is therefore not covered by health insurance. In most cases, it is done on an outpatient basis and takes about an hour.


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