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A good start to the day: this is how it works!

by Josephine Andrews
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Everyday life is often characterized by stress and hectic. It is all the more important not to start the day in a hurry. Read here how to use the morning to recharge your batteries with valuable energy and a good mood so that you can start the day well .

Tips for a good start to the day

Getting going quickly in the morning and starting the day in a good mood is not easy for everyone. For some, getting out of bed is a real challenge. But there are a few tricks that can help you with this.

Sufficient sleep

If you have had enough and restful sleep, your day will start better. So go to bed on time the night before. A rule of thumb is that adults need about seven to eight hours of sleep, and children need a little more. Of course, the need for a night’s rest is individual for each person. However, lack of sleep means that the body needs a little longer to recover. And you can’t catch up on sleep.

movement in the morning

Roll out the yoga mat immediately after getting up and do 50 sun salutations or go for a long jog – that’s not necessarily something for everyone. Sometimes all it takes is opening the window and doing a few stretching exercises . This is how you slowly wake up your body before getting up.

To do this, lie flat on your back. Each part of the exercise is up to you for how long you do it. At least 30 seconds is recommended so that the exercises are actually effective.

  • Bend your toes, one at a time, starting with the little toe, as if you’re pressing piano keys one at a time.
  • Alternately straighten your legs down so that when you push your left leg down, your hip tilts to the left and vice versa. This is how you mobilize your hips and lower back.
  • In order for your shoulders and arms to be attuned and relaxed for a perfect interaction throughout the day, lie down so that your shoulder blades and the area between them completely touches the mattress . Then place your hands flat on your stomach. Raise and lower your arms and shoulders at the same time. The hand remains on the stomach. First comes the left side, then the right.
  • Finally, kiss your facial muscles awake. All you have to do is smile.

Refreshing shower

Jumping into the shower after exercising or stretching makes sure that you feel more awake and start the day pleasantly refreshed.

Invigorating scents

If, like more than half of Germans, you take a shower every morning, the right shower gel can give you a sweet start to the day. The scent of cocoa, vanilla and grapefruit provides happiness hormones. Mint, lemon and orange give you an energy boost.

Alternatively, you can also sip cocoa, peppermint or vanilla tea for breakfast and smell the delicious pick-me-up before every sip.

Music for a good mood

Listen to feel-good music while you’re in the bathroom or preparing breakfast. If you dance along too, you’ll really get going.

Balanced breakfast

The meal in the morning gives you strength, promotes concentration and helps you to have better weight control. Try to avoid foods with a lot of sugar and fat . It is better to reach for homemade muesli or fruit. Make sure that milk and yoghurt are of good quality.

However, if you’re not used to breakfast in the morning, don’t force yourself to do it.


Do you have five to ten minutes to spare in the morning? Then try a short meditation. It helps to start the day purposefully and completely relaxed. You can find guided meditations on streaming services and as an app, but books and DVDs also provide instructions.

Stress in the morning: How to avoid it!

Applying mascara to your eyelashes while brushing your teeth, spooning away the muesli in two minutes and rushing off at the last second to get to the office on time – that doesn’t have to be the case. Those who comfortably do one thing after the other in the morning are much more relaxed throughout the day. Anger at work can then affect us significantly less. Therefore, observe the following rules in the morning to avoid stress :

Get up earlier

Set the alarm about a quarter of an hour earlier. It’s worth it! The few minutes less sleep don’t bother you – in contrast to morning stress.

daylight alarm clock

The ringing of an alarm clock often wakes us up very abruptly. With a daylight alarm clock, the start of the day is softer. Even before the set time to get up, it begins to emit an ever brighter light and simulate a sunrise. This releases the happiness hormone serotonin in the body and inhibits the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. This interaction makes it easier for us to wake up, we start the day more relaxed.

Don’t pick up your cell phone right away

Surfing on Facebook, Instagram and Co or checking e-mails shortly after getting up – that drives up the stress level. Your morning will be more relaxed if you let your cell phone snooze for a while longer and look at it after breakfast at the earliest.

Plan the day ahead

If possible, prepare things for the next day in the evening: lay out the clothes for the next day, prepare the food for the lunch break and empty the dishwasher.

Late risers in particular can avoid the stress in the morning that accumulates due to the large number of tasks to be completed. If you don’t find time to do these things in the morning either, take this stress with you into the working day.

In the morning, go inside and replay the day in your mind. If you start the day purposefully, you can also work more purposefully.

This is how you start the weekend relaxed

For many people, Friday evening is probably the best part of the whole week: you leave the strenuous work week behind you and can start the weekend relaxed. But often the days off are packed with numerous things that need to be done. We give you tips on how to stay relaxed on Saturday and Sunday:

  • Do not postpone important tasks until Monday, it is best to do them the week before.
  • Leave your workplace clean. This is how you end the working week with a good feeling for the coming Monday.
  • Make a to-do list for the coming week. That clears your head.
  • Don’t do everything at once. Maybe go shopping on Thursday, you can also do the weekly cleaning on a weekday evening.
  • Make a conscious plan for me-time. The weekend is not a marathon of social commitments.

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