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Healing stones and their effects

by Josephine Andrews
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Healing stones have an amazing effect on the body and mind. With wonderful colors and fascinating refractions of light, the stones are initially a feast for the eyes. So if we decorate ourselves with them, we also benefit from the hidden talents of the beauties! Read here about the different stones and possible uses.

Amber against inflammation

Golden, yellow or orange, opaque or clear, with inclusions of leaves or insects – the fossil resin of conifers fascinates in countless forms.

The stone is worth its weight in gold for allergies – worn on the skin , it combats eczema, warts and lichen. Amber water helps with tendon and nerve inflammation: Put a few stones in clear water overnight , drink the elixir in the morning on an empty stomach. Our mood also benefits: the stone with the sunny color scale acts like a caress – inspiring, warming, encouraging.

Extra tip: Anyone who sucks an amber like a candy will put an end to inflammation in the mouth and throat.

The moonstone is a woman understander

Its white sometimes ice blue, sometimes yellowish iridescent – this stone, which got its name from the shimmering of the moonlight, captivates with its opalescent effects.

The moonstone is a woman’s stone – the most beautiful specimens come from Sri Lanka and India, where women still sew moonstones into their clothing. They are considered to be beneficial family stones, intended to balance the soul. The moonstone relieves physical and mental stress associated with hormone changes and should be a constant companion when the menopause is announced.

Extra tip: Clean the moonstone regularly under running water. The best way to charge it – no wonder – is to place it in the moonlight.

Brecciated jasper gives us energy

In various fiery red nuances, the volcanic jasper – as it is also called – tells of love, passion and a lot of lust for life.

For the Indians of North America, this jasper was and is considered a fertility stone and should help to find true love. The stone unfolds its power only with intensive skin contact. Worn as an amulet, it prevents irritation from outside, makes it easier to get up again after defeat and gives harmony, courage and vitality.

Extra tip: On the physical level, the stone can stimulate the function of the thyroid gland and thus contribute to a balanced hormone balance. Pleasant for all those who are shivering: the jasper stimulates blood circulation.

Relaxing: the amazonite

Its diverse hues of blue, green, and turquoise with copper reflect the many facets of its powers.

And they have a particular effect on the abdomen – the amazonite shows its power in metabolic disorders, strengthens the liver, relaxes and relieves cramps in childbirth and menstrual pain. Anyone who is plagued by inner restlessness and cannot fall asleep easily puts the stone under their pillow, it conveys calm and promotes deep relaxation.

Extra tip: To keep the stone “strong”, you should put it in the morning sun from time to time – then it can recharge itself.

Azurite for brains & nerves

Its blue is unprecedentedly strong – like the water of tropical seas. A power stone that has something to offer body and soul alike.

Azurite is a forehead stone – it strengthens concentration and allows us to see clearly. It helps to loosen old emotional ties and to enter a new phase of life strengthened. In addition, it has a positive influence on the central nervous system and protects against stress .

Extra tip: If you have suffered an injury and want to speed up the healing process, it is best to drink azurite water. To do this, place the stone in clear water for approx. 6 hours. Enjoy the “mineral water” obtained in this way pure or use it to prepare tea.

Tiger eye for optimism

Its golden shimmer signals what the ancient Greeks already knew and handed down to us: “The tiger’s eye is a stone that makes fun of its wearer…” But the opaque stone can do even more.

Anyone who wears it gains optimism, can sharpen their intuition and mindfulness – the perfect companion for people who often struggle with mood swings and discouragement. The tiger’s eye also has a particularly strong effect on bones and joints – some people swear by the stone for problems with their intervertebral discs and lumbago.

Extra tip: Carry the tiger’s eye in your jacket pocket as a hand flatterer.

Onyx for more well-being

This mysterious black agate was one of the most important healing stones of antiquity, used against black magic and sorcery and as a benefactor for our outer shell.

A stone that should be worn directly on the body as a donut or pendant, as it penetrates the skin with amazing power. It has a cleansing, detoxifying effect on our blood, helps to warm limbs right down to the tips, which indirectly leads to more resistance, stability and joie de vivre.

Extra tip: soak the stone in water overnight – dabbing athlete’s foot or a rash with this onyx water promotes the healing process.

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