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Healthy and beautiful hair: the best tips!

by Josephine Andrews
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Healthy and beautiful hair is a real eye-catcher – and no coincidence. With the right care routine and a balanced diet, you can give your hair strength. Here are our top tips on how to strengthen your hair – inside and out.

The right care – you should pay attention to that!

Is your hair dry, brittle or lacking volume? Don’t despair. It does not need to remain this way. There are various factors that have a positive effect on the hair – mild shampoos, rich care products and a balanced diet, for example. We have put together the best tips on how to make damaged hair healthy and beautiful. Keep the following things in mind in your daily care routine:

wash hair

For beautiful and healthy hair, it is by no means necessary to wash your hair every day. On the contrary: if you do it too often, you run the risk of your scalp and hair drying out and becoming brittle. A good guideline is to shampoo every two to three days. Comb your hair before you wash it, especially if you have styling product leftovers in it.

Those who tend to have a dry scalp and dandruff should be particularly careful. Only wash your hair with lukewarm water and mild shampoo. But don’t give up washing completely. Otherwise the sebum stays on the scalp, becomes rancid and even starts to smell after a few days.

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drying hair

Do not towel dry your hair after washing. This destroys the sensitive cuticle layer. Better tie a turban around your head with the towel.

Do not turn the hair dryer on full. Heat damages hair. In general, the finer the hair, the lower the heat setting. If possible, allow your wet hair to air dry, or at least allow it to dry slightly. If you don’t have that much time, start with a moderate temperature first and only switch up towards the end. It is best to put a heat protection product in your hair before blow-drying.

Depending on how you hold the hair dryer, a different effect is created: If you blow dry your hair from the bottom up, it gets more volume. Holding the device at a 45-degree angle to the hair smoothes the surface structure of the hair.

You can give thick hair shine with a round brush – pull the brush evenly through the hair and do not set the temperature on the hair dryer too high in this case either.

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The right care products

Curly, fine or colored? Look for care products that match your hair. Avoid shampoos and conditioners that contain synthetic chemicals like silicones. Silicones are deposited on the hair and scalp and put a strain on them. If you wash your hair every day or are prone to dandruff, use mild shampoos and avoid styling products as much as possible.

Dry hair needs a lot of moisture and moisturizing care products. Rich cures are therefore important. Apply this once a week. Hair oil for the tips protects against split ends and makes the hair shiny. If you have very fine hair, use care products that do not weigh your hair down. The following applies to hair that gets greasy quickly: do not brush it too often.

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How to strengthen the hair root!

Healthy hair roots are the basis for beautiful hair. You strengthen them by making sure that you use mild shampoos without additives . It is also good for the hair roots if you rub the scalp with oil. Hair oil or coconut oil are suitable, among others.

Leave the oil on for 20 minutes before washing it out. A head massage also stimulates blood circulation in the scalp. As a result, the hair roots are supplied with oxygen.

In order not to damage the hair roots, avoid hairstyles that are too strict – like a tight ponytail. Otherwise the hair roots will be irritated. A balanced diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables strengthens the hair roots from the inside with vitamins and minerals.

Tips for a dry scalp!

If you suffer from a dry scalp, it is also best to use mild shampoos, do not blow-dry your hair too hot and avoid wire brushes, which irritate the scalp. Those with natural bristles are more suitable.

An oil treatment has a calming effect on the scalp. Use coconut, sesame or olive oil for this . It is best to leave it on overnight and wash it off the next morning. Place a towel on the pillow to protect the bedding.

Rinsing with lukewarm nettle or chamomile tea is also good for dry scalps. This also applies to douches with apple cider vinegar. For this you need:

Leave the lavender, chamomile, and rosemary in a closed jar with the apple cider vinegar for two weeks. Then strain and pour into a bottle. After shampooing, rinse your hair with 1 teaspoon of conditioner to 250 milliliters of water. Finished.

The right diet

Eating healthy is doing your hair a big favour. Above all, biotin (vitamin H), proteins, iron and zinc are important for healthy hair. So put these foods on your menu:

  • Owner
  • Spinach
  • Broccoli
  • Lentils and other legumes
  • nuts
  • Salmon

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Tips for long hair

Hair that reaches past the shoulders is at least three years old and is therefore exposed to many harmful environmental factors such as the sun or chlorinated water over a long period of time. Therefore, care is particularly important for long hair.

  • Use mild shampoos and do not blow dry your hair too hot.
  • When it comes to care products, lipid -replenishing, moisturizing and protective substances are suitable – for example oils that give the hair oil and moisture again after washing.
  • Dye or bleach your hair as little as possible.
  • Avoid intensive sunbathing and use sun protection products for your hair – sprays are one of them.
  • When combing, use a natural bristle brush.
  • Always comb your hair thoroughly before washing.

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What to do in case of hair loss?

If you lose more hair over a longer period of time, it is best to clarify with a dermatologist what the cause behind it is. There are three forms of hair loss . This includes:

  • genetic hair loss
  • circular hair loss
  • diffuse hair loss

The therapy varies depending on the trigger of the hair loss. Therefore, do not take any preparations on suspicion, but always first clarify with a doctor whether they are useful.

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