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High Carb Diet: How It Works!

by Josephine Andrews
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No more counting calories, now you can eat: High Carb stands for “High Carbohydrate” and that means that the focus of this diet is on carbohydrates. They come in plant form and are as low in fat as possible – and therefore make you slim! Read more about the high-carb diet here .

This is how the high carb diet works

The high-carb diet relies on a combination of high-carbohydrate foods, such as potatoes and rice, with fruits and vegetables. It is therefore a strictly low-fat and vegan diet. The high-carb diet avoids all animal products. Industrially processed foods are also taboo.

However, it should be noted that not all carbohydrates are created equal. Rather, there are three basic types: sugars, cellulose, and starches. The latter form in particular is important for the high-carb diet.

The background: Starch consists of long glucose chains, which humans break down into simple sugars and which provide them with energy for a long time. Starchy plants contain long-chain, easily digestible carbohydrates, also known as complex carbohydrates. Glucose stimulates the production of the messenger substance serotonin in the brain , which starts the body’s “feel good program”.

But the body also needs a minimum of fat . The following applies to the high-carb diet: as much fat as necessary, as little as possible.

The magic word of the high-carb diet is also “resistant starch”. It occurs when foods such as potatoes or pasta are boiled and cooled. This creates indigestible carbohydrates that promote metabolism and have a delayed satiety effect. That means they keep us full for up to eight hours after the meal.

The high-carb diet is based on the approach of Dr. John A McDougall. The physician designed his nutritional approach to prevent disease and improve health and appearance. According to McDougall, humans have been starch eaters for many generations.

What can I eat on the high carb diet?

According to McDougall’s approach, what matters is not how much or when we eat, but what we eat. His thesis: the more starchy foods we eat, the thinner, more energetic and healthier we become.

The basis of the high-carb diet include:

  • potatoes
  • Reis
  • beans
  • Most
  • Wheat
  • millet
  • sweet potatoes
  • lenses
  • rye
  • Oats

Green and orange (non-starchy) vegetables are also allowed. These include cauliflower, celery, zucchini, summer squash, eggplant or rhubarb .

When it comes to fruit, permitted foods include pineapple, berries, mangoes, melons, cherries and plums.

Pure cooking fats or fats from animals are taboo. However, vegetable fats are allowed. Therefore, foods with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are suitable . These include olives, flaxseeds, nuts or even chia seeds.

The best carbohydrates for weight loss

  • Oatmeal : The ideal way to start the day, providing us with fiber and protein .
  • Potatoes : keep you full for a long time, eaten cold, for example in a salad, this effect is even greater!
  • Legumes : Peas and lentils support fat burning in the body.
  • Beans : Provide fiber and lots of protein – perfect for losing weight!

Benefits of the high carb diet

You are allowed to eat as much as you want – whenever you want. Starchy foods fill you up and provide a lot of energy.

Another advantage: If you eat too little, the hunger hormone ghrelin increases in the body. This has a negative effect on blood sugar levels. If the body is basically supplied with sufficient food, there will be no ravenous hunger and no bad mood!

Complex carbohydrates are also easy to digest. People with heart problems and diabetes also benefit from a plant-based diet, as it often lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Disadvantages of the high carb diet

The diet is based on plant foods. Fats are only allowed to a limited extent. Meat, fish and dairy products are completely taboo. If you decide to follow this diet, it is important to make sure you are getting enough vitamin B12 .

According to current knowledge, it is not possible to meet the vitamin B12 requirement with a purely plant-based diet. Dietary supplements are therefore the only alternative.

Tips for the high carb diet

Start the day with fresh fruit – apples, pears, kiwi or blueberries are ideal. Mix it with oatmeal and plant-based milk for a delicious granola.

Wholemeal pasta in any form and quantity, rice dishes, vegetable soups, pea stew or potato dishes in all variations are suitable for lunch.

There are also plenty of carbohydrates in the evening: spoil yourself with delicious salads or a vegetable pizza. Wholemeal bread is also allowed, for example topped with tomatoes or peppers.

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