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Hollywood Diet: This is how it works

by Josephine Andrews
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Slim like the stars – that’s what the Hollywood diet promises . The high-protein, low-fat food combining relies on the enzymes of exotic fruits such as pineapple. She became known through the screen stars of the first big Hollywood films. Read here how the Hollywood Diet works and whether you can use it to lose weight permanently and healthily.

What is the Hollywood Diet?

The Hollywood Diet originated in the 1920s. She should help film actors to a slim stature. Luxury foods played an important role in the Hollywood diet of the time, such as seafood or tropical fruits. Today, the fruits in particular are still part of the diet, because the enzymes they contain are supposed to support digestion.

The Hollywood Diet is a combination of food combining and low carb, in which high-protein and high-carbohydrate foods are not eaten together. That should let the pounds tumble.

This is how the Hollywood Diet works

The general direction of the Hollywood Diet is to eat high in protein and low in fat and carbohydrates. Tropical fruits contain a lot of carbohydrates , so they are only available as a snack with a two-hour interval between the previous and subsequent meal. The enzymes in tropical fruits are said to aid in digestion. But that is a misconception, they are broken down in the stomach.

Up to 60 percent of the daily calorie intake comes from protein-rich foods. The total energy intake of the Hollywood food combination is 700 to 800 kcal per day. If the body reports hunger in between, there is fruit as a snack.

What foods are allowed?

Carbohydrate-rich foods such as potatoes, cereals and cereal products as well as sugar are forbidden because they are considered fattening in the Hollywood Diet . What ends up on the plate instead:

  • lean meat, lean fish and seafood
  • Salat
  • low-carb vegetables
  • tropical fruits

Some variants of the Hollywood diet also allow nuts, legumes and low-fat dairy products.

That brings the Hollywood Diet

The goal of the Hollywood diet is achieved: The extremely low calorie intake in combination with a high protein and low carbohydrate content ensures rapid weight loss.

Risks of the Hollywood Diet

However, the Hollywood Diet also carries some risks:

nutrient deficiency

Low intake of fat and carbohydrates can be associated with nutrient deficiencies. Above all, the body receives too few B vitamins. Because these are mainly found in grain. A lack of fat-soluble vitamins can also develop because the body cannot absorb these vitamins or only in small amounts due to the low fat content in food.

risk of gout

High-protein meals make you feel full. But high protein intake can cause gout or kidney stones.

Yo-Yo Effect

If you limit your daily energy intake to less than 1000 calories, you risk having your body switch its metabolism to the back burner. The yo-yo effect quickly sets in after the end of the Hollywood diet. Because the body is afraid of another period of hunger and, as a precaution, stores the food in the fat depots. That means more fat on the hips instead of less. Without a long-term change in diet , weight loss is therefore not sustainable.

Hollywood Diet: Conclusion

Who doesn’t want to look like a Hollywood star? But the Hollywood Diet is not the way to go. On the one hand, it has long been refuted that carbohydrates are the fattening factor in food. On the other hand, the total energy intake is too low, as is the fat and carbohydrate content. Proteins, on the other hand, make up too much of it.

While you’ll lose weight quickly on the Hollywood Diet, there’s a good chance you’ll gain weight back just as quickly. So stay away from the Hollywood Diet .

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