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Homeopathic Okoubaka: Effect & Application

by Josephine Andrews
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Okoubaka globules and drops are among the modern homeopathic remedies. They should preferably act on the gastrointestinal tract, especially if the disease was preceded by poisoning or an infection. The remedy is said to strengthen the liver, bile and pancreas and have a positive effect on the immune system. Read more about the effects, dosage and use of Okoubaka here.

What is Okoubaka?

The homeopathic remedy Okoubaka is made from the dried and powdered bark of the rare jungle tree Okoubaka aubrevillei. Due to the lack of testing of Okoubaka according to the rules of classical homeopathy, the remedy is mostly used for diseases in which a positive Okoubaka effect is said to have been shown in several patients. A selection of the remedy purely according to the symptoms, as is usual with other homeopathic remedies, is not possible here.

When is Okoubaka used?

What is Okoubaka good for? It is mainly used in acute diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, gallbladder and pancreas. These diseases are often the result of previous poisoning or an infection. Even after vaccinations, some homeopaths recommend Okoubaka.

The homeopathic remedy is also said to help with gastrointestinal problems caused by histamine intolerance.

The agent is also said to have good effects on various diseases that can be attributed to a disturbed immune system.

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