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Hormone Yoga: How it helps and for whom it is suitable

by Josephine Andrews
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It is said to alleviate symptoms during menopause or to support an unfulfilled desire to have children: hormone yoga is a holistic style that can reactivate the formation of female hormones in the ovaries or thyroid gland through certain breathing techniques and exercises. Read everything you need to know about Hormone Yoga here.

What is hormone yoga?

The Brazilian Dinah Rodrigues created the yoga style. She is a philosopher and psychologist. She also wrote the book “Hormon Yoga “. Her approach: A holistic and rejuvenating technique that aims to reactivate the production of female hormones in the ovaries, thyroid, pituitary and adrenal glands through revitalizing exercises.

Hormone yoga is therefore particularly well suited for women who are going through the menopause . But hormone yoga can also help women in other phases of life – for example with menstrual problems, with PMS, with an unfulfilled desire to have children or with menstrual disorders.

Hormone Yoga is made up of the elements of physically shaped Hatha Yoga and energetic Kundalini Yoga . Dinah Rodrigues’ series of exercises consists of breathing techniques and physical exercises (asanas) that have a special effect on the female hormone-producing glands and organs. In addition, prana plays an important role. This is the energy that gives life to our body. Dinah Rodrigues drew inspiration for this from traditional Indian and Tibetan yoga and from teachers in Europe, the USA and Brazil.

In order to achieve effective results, hormone yoga focuses on the following elements:

  • Dynamic asanas (physical exercises) accompanied by special pranayamas (breathing techniques) that cause an intense inner massage.
  • Fiery pranayamas that work with emphasis on the abdominal region.
  • Traditional techniques that ensure that the energy is directed through the body.

Which elements are important in hormone yoga?

Hormone yoga works in the physical and energetic body. Both are closely connected and form a unit. The physical body consists of skin, muscles, tendons and nerves, among other things. The energetic body is made up of energy centers (chakras) and a network of distribution points and channels through which energy circulates (nadis). As Dinah Rodrigues writes in her book, most of the time we only identify with the physical body.

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