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Medicinal plants for the immune system

by Josephine Andrews
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In addition to a healthy diet, plenty of exercise in the fresh air and enough sleep, medicinal plants can also contribute to a healthy and strong immune system. Coneflowers (Echinacea) in particular can have a positive effect on the body’s defenses. Such an intervention in the immune system is called immunomodulation. In addition to echinacea, other medicinal plants also have immunomodulatory abilities. Read more about effective medicinal plants for the immune system here .

alleviate discomfort

A weakened immune system can be the result of various diseases. Medicinal plants such as echinacea or linden blossom can then help to get the immune system going again. This supports the healing process.

The best-known medicinal plants for the immune system

What helps with urinary tract infections, concentration problems and increases performance? Here you will find the most well-known medicinal plants for the immune system:

Echinacea (coneflower) is used for respiratory and urinary tract infections and wounds. Read more about the effects and uses of Echinacea here .

The South African Cape geranium (Pelargonium sidoides) helps with respiratory infections such as bronchitis. Read more about the Cape geranium here !

Linden blossom tea is especially helpful for colds: it has a sweat-inducing, expectorant and soothing effect. Read more about linden blossom here !

The taiga root (Siberian ginseng ) can relieve fatigue, poor performance and concentration problems. Read more about the healing power of the taiga root here !

Elderflowers are a recognized antiperspirant for colds. Read more about the use and effects of elderberry !

Roseroot is said to increase mental and physical performance and help with burnout and depression. Read more about Roseroot !

prevent infections

Phytotherapy is also suitable for preventing a weakened immune system and subsequent infections. In addition, one should pay attention to a healthy lifestyle. Because a lot of stress and hectic pace, unhealthy nutrition, little exercise and little sleep can weaken the body’s defenses so much that even medicinal plants can hardly do anything against the resulting susceptibility to infection.

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