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What kind of genital piercings are there for women?

by Josephine Andrews
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Nipple, navel or clitoris: Some women think it’s nice to get piercings. Improper pricking of genital piercings for women can quickly lead to infections or inflammation. Read here which genital piercings are available for women and what is important.

These genital piercings are for women

If you decide to have an intimate piercing , there are several options. We introduce them.

Piercing the clitoral hood

Depending on the anatomy, the foreskin of the clitoris can be pierced vertically or horizontally. At the beginning, the locking balls should not be on the clitoris. The healing time is given as two to seven weeks. The horizontal piercing usually heals a little faster than the vertical one.


A piercing of the clitoris is more intended for women who prefer extreme stimuli. The application depends on the anatomical structures and is assessed individually. After a consultation, you can sting either horizontally or vertically. Healing takes four to six weeks.

Piercing of the small or large labia

Rings on the labia minora usually heal within two to three weeks. In this case, the height of the branch canal must be chosen so that sitting and walking are not impaired.

For piercings of the large labia, the site should be chosen according to the same criteria as for the small ones. The healing time is a little longer because the labia are thicker. Expect four to six weeks.


Here the puncture canal is placed vertically at the lower end of the vaginal entrance, where the labia minora meet. After the puncture canal has healed (four to six weeks), there should be no problems sitting.

Princess Albertina (Frauen-PA)

This variant is a more recent adaptation of a formerly purely male piercing to the female anatomy. It is inserted vertically into the urethra and runs mostly through it. The puncture canal is placed about five to eight millimeters after the exit opening of the urethra. Ring-shaped jewelry is often used at this point.

Because of the constant contact with urine and the shortness of the puncture canal, healing takes only three to six weeks. This piercing is not recommended for women with frequent urinary tract infections.

Intimate piercing women: risks

A risk factor that leads to inflammation and infection in women’s genital piercings is a lack of cleanliness in the piercing studio. Therefore, when making your selection, make sure that hygiene is valued there.

It is also important that the piercer has experience. If he pricks the genital piercing wrong, infections are also often the result. Also, in some cases, it affects the sensitivity of the clitoris.

Intimate piercing women: hygiene tips

If you have had a new genital piercing, there are a few hygiene tips that will help prevent infection:

  • Wash your hands before touching any piercing.
  • Avoid sex , sauna, swimming pool and solarium for twelve weeks .
  • If your piercing is new, clean it twice a day for the first few days. Mild wound disinfectants and cotton swabs are suitable . On the other hand, avoid washing lotions.
  • Ask your piercer for customized tips.
  • Do not use a washcloth during the healing time. Otherwise there is a risk of bacteria getting onto the pericing.
  • Do not remove the piercing jewelry during the healing phase.

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