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Lose weight in the home office: This is how it works!

by Josephine Andrews
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Keeping weight in the home office ? Not so easy when the fridge and sweets depot are right next door and movement is reduced to a minimum. But in view of the corona pandemic, many people have to work at home – and often also look after the children at the same time. A real challenge in terms of self-organization, stress management and weight management. Read here how you can still maintain your weight in the home office and even lose weight.

Losing weight in the home office: opportunities and risks

Working from home is actually a good opportunity to eat healthily and lose weight. Because many of the calorie traps lurking in everyday office life do not exist at home: no high-calorie canteen food, no birthday cake among colleagues, no sweets vending machine with delicious temptations always available. Instead, you are in control of what you eat.

At least in theory. Unfortunately, practice often looks different. Because working in the home office brings with it completely new challenges. Suddenly the private environment, which one actually associates with the end of the day, family, free time and relaxation, becomes the official workplace. If you want to be efficient here, you need a lot of self-discipline, organizational talent and the ability to strictly separate work, household and leisure time.

But that can cause additional stress. And stress often makes you hungry, so why not grab a quick snack from the fridge? Or sweeten your work with a bar of chocolate? Not a good idea for losing weight in the home office.

Missing movement

In addition to the calorie traps, the lack of exercise hinders losing weight in the home office. The walks to the copier, to the neighboring office, to the conference room and last but not least the way to work and back are completely eliminated. Instead, you sit at a desk for eight hours or more.

In view of these challenges, how can you manage to maintain or even reduce your weight in the home office? It’s actually quite simple – with moderate, healthy eating and sufficient exercise.

Eat healthy in the home office

The be-all and end-all when losing weight in the home office is a healthy, varied diet. Use the time at home to cook freshly on a regular basis. Please note the recommendations of the German Society for Nutrition:

  • Use food variety (eat a variety of foods, mostly plant-based)
  • Vegetables and fruits: Take “5” (at least three servings of vegetables, two servings of fruit)
  • Choose whole grain (for bread, pasta, rice and flour)
  • Only supplement with animal foods (no more than 300 to 600 g of meat per week)
  • Use healthy fats (e.g. rapeseed oil and fat spreads made from it)
  • Save sugar and salt
  • Drink a lot, especially water
  • Prepare gently (cook food as long as necessary, as short as possible)
  • Eat mindfully (take breaks, take time for meals)

Lose weight in the home office: schedule fixed lunch breaks

Eating at your desk should not only be taboo in the office, but also in the home office. Take time for a healthy lunch break! Because the body, mind and soul need longer breaks to recover, recharge their batteries and remain productive. Healthy, conscious eating and targeted exercise support the regeneration process and also help with losing weight in the home office.

Tips for a healthy lunch break

  • Schedule time : Set a fixed date for your daily lunch break
  • Eat sensibly : Don’t eat at your desk, but at your normal eating place. Take your time eating and enjoy your meal consciously.
  • Active relaxation : use your lunch break for relaxation exercises such as yoga, autogenic training or active muscle relaxation according to Jacobson.
  • Targeted exercise : Get some exercise in the fresh air, for example go jogging or ride a bike.

Maintaining weight in the home office: Light snacks for in between

For many, it is particularly difficult to do without snacks and sweets in the home office. After all, it’s only a few steps to the fridge or snacks. If you want to lose weight in your home office, you should try to restrain yourself. These tips, for example, help against the craving for sweets:

  • Plan fixed times for meals, this also applies to snacks
  • Do not store sweets or other snacks directly at the desk
  • Don’t eat at your desk

When you get the craving for a snack, be careful what you use to satisfy it. Light snacks such as fruit, raw vegetables, nuts or almonds are recommended instead of biscuits, chocolate or gummy bears. A little muesli, low-fat yoghurt or quark with fresh fruit are also well suited to replenishing the energy store in between. But it is best to always plan and not in addition to the planned snacks, so that losing weight in the home office works.

Losing weight in the home office: exercise is good

In the home office, you usually move much less than in the office. Sufficient exercise is important in addition to a conscious diet in order to lose weight. It is therefore advisable to specifically incorporate exercise units into the home office day. Whether jogging, cycling, inline skating or walking – plan regular exercise into your everyday life, preferably in the fresh air.

But you can also use your own four walls to lose weight in the home office. For example, treat yourself to a 10-minute exercise program right after you get up in the morning to start the day awake and full of energy and burn calories on top of that. Good training exercises for losing weight in the home office are, for example:

  • Jog on the spot
  • Sit ups
  • pushups
  • Easy dumbbell workout for arms and legs
  • squats
  • stretching and stretching exercises

Losing weight in the home office: what else you can do

A healthy diet and sufficient exercise are important building blocks for losing weight in the home office. In addition, the following tips can help to keep calorie intake under control:

  • When shopping, look out for healthy, low-calorie ingredients such as vegetables, fruit, lean meat, fish, low-fat milk and whole grain products
  • Avoid ready meals as much as possible because they often contain hidden calories, too much salt and artificial flavor enhancers
  • Do not stock up on candy
  • Drink plenty of fluids, especially water or unsweetened herbal tea
  • Leave your desk to eat
  • Create a fixed menu , including snacks and meal times
  • Reduce stress: Take regular breaks and do not work longer than in the office

If you follow these tips and also eat healthy and exercise enough, there is nothing to prevent you from losing weight in the home office .

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