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Magnesium left 300: how it works

by Josephine Andrews
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Magnesium Verla 300 is a dietary supplement. It contains magnesium and is recommended for increased magnesium requirements due to intensive muscle exertion. Here you can read all the important information about Magnesium Verla 300.

This active ingredient is in Magnesium Verla 300

One sachet of Magnesium Verla 300 contains 300 mg of magnesium in the form of magnesium citrate. Since magnesium is integrated into a chemical complex here, it can be more easily absorbed by the body. The active ingredient is a mineral that the body cannot produce itself. Magnesium is nevertheless involved in many metabolic processes in the human organism. The body needs magnesium, especially for energy-dependent processes, such as muscle movement.

When is Magnesium Verla 300 used?

Magnesium Verla 300 is used when there is an increased need for magnesium. This is especially true for athletes, but also for other physically demanding activities with increased muscle activity. Taking a magnesium supplement can prevent an impending magnesium deficiency .

What are the side effects of Magnesium Verla 300?

As with other preparations, Magnesium Verla 300 can have side effects. This occurs particularly when the patient has taken an overdose. In this case, the patient occasionally suffers from diarrhea .

In rare cases, symptoms of tiredness can occur when taking Magnesium Verla 300 orally. If this is the case, this indicates an already increased magnesium concentration in the blood . If diarrhea occurs, the daily dose must be reduced.

You should bear this in mind when using Magnesium Verla 300

Magnesium Verla 300 can be taken over a longer period of time or permanently without any problems. However, if you have kidney disease with restricted urine excretion, you should consult a doctor before use, as the excretion of magnesium can be altered. If you have an intolerance to one of the additives , the product should not be taken.


It is recommended to take one sachet of Magnesium Verla 300 a day. The content of one sachet is dissolved in about 150 ml of water by stirring and then drunk. Taking dietary supplements should not be a substitute for a balanced diet.

How to get Magnesium Verla 300

Magnesium Verla 300 is available over the counter as a dietary food (nutritional supplement) in pharmacies, drugstores and supermarkets.

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