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Marshmallow for cough

by Josephine Andrews
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The medicinal plant marshmallow is used for coughs, inflammation in the mouth and throat and in the gastrointestinal tract. The mucilage contained in the plant has a soothing and cough-relieving effect. Read more about the marshmallow effect and the correct application!

What effect does marshmallow have?

Marshmallow contains up to 20 percent mucilage. They relieve irritation of the mucous membranes by laying protectively on the mucous membranes when ingested internally. The leaves and roots of the medicinal plant therefore help with irritation of the mucous membranes in the mouth and throat and the associated dry, hacking cough.

The root also helps with stomach problems caused by irritation of the mucous membranes.

What is marshmallow used for?

You can use dried and cut marshmallow leaves and roots to make a tea. To do this, pour about 150 milliliters of cold water over one to two teaspoons of the root extract (about 0.5 to 3 grams) or one tablespoon (about 2 grams) of the leaf extract .

Leave to stand for an hour or two, stirring occasionally, to allow the cold water to loosen the mucilage. Then briefly heat the mixture to the boil, let it cool down and pour it through a tea strainer.

You can drink such a cup of cold marshmallow infusion three times a day. The maximum daily dose of root drug is 3 to 4.5 grams for children and 10 grams for adolescents and adults. For marshmallow leaves, a daily dose of 5 grams is recommended (all age groups).

When preparing tea, you can combine marshmallow with other medicinal plants . It makes sense, for example, to add linden blossoms , buckhorn and mallow leaves.

Marshmallow is also used therapeutically in other dosage forms. For example, you can buy tablets, cough syrup and syrups based on the medicinal plant. Information on use and dosage can be found in the package leaflet or you can find out from your doctor or pharmacist.

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