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Massage at work – just do it yourself!

by Josephine Andrews
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massage at work is simply good. It loosens the muscles in the neck or back that are tense from sitting for a long time and relieves the associated pain. If you don’t want to order a professional masseur in your office or home office, you can lend a hand yourself. You can read here how it works.

Massage at work: how it works!

Massages help against painful tension and create a pleasant body feeling. Especially for people who work at computer screensA massage can alleviate specific problems,These include, for example, tension in the neck and neck area, eye and headaches or general stress symptoms.

But even those who have to stand a lot for work-related reasons benefit from a massage at work. The focus is then on the feet, which are heavily stressed by standing for long periods. In the evening they often burn, feel heavy and tired. Short massage units in between loosen muscles, ligaments and tendons in the feet and prevent pain.

Instructions: How do I massage myself at work?

You can massage your neck and back as well as your feet very well yourself. This works particularly well in the home office, after all you are usually alone and unobserved here. But even among colleagues in the office, nothing speaks against a self-massage. It can easily be carried out directly at the desk. If you prefer to do it alone, maybe find an unused conference room or office.

Neck self-massage

  • Place the heels of your hands on the left and right of your neck.
  • Then massage in circular motions. Wander up and down, focusing on the areas that hurt the most.
  • Then leave only one palm of your hand with which you keep circling
  • With the fingers of the other hand, work the middle area of ​​the nape of the neck in parallel. Here, too, you can slowly walk over the neck.

American scientists around Dr. Gert Bornfort from Northwestern Health Science University was able to show in a study that this form of self-massage works better than medication for neck pain; it is even as effective as chiropractic treatment.

Self-massage for the back

It becomes much more difficult if you want to massage your back yourself. But this also works, for example like this:

  • Form loose fists with both hands and pat them to the right and left of the spine at hip and loin level.
  • Alternatively, roll up and down your back on a rolled-up rubber mat against the wall or floor. This can also be done with a tennis ball or a roll of tape. Make sure, however, that you do not massage the spine itself.

Self-massage for the feet

The feet have to carry our entire body weight every day – so they more than deserve a massage:

  • Push and rub your hands from your toes to your ankles.
  • Massage the ball of the foot and the arch of the foot in a circular motion.
  • A tennis ball can also be used for a foot massage: simply roll your foot over it back and forth.

Do yourself a favor with a massage at work . Maybe try it yourself? You’ll see, it’s worth it.

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