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Moon diet – how it works

by Josephine Andrews
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The moon diet is based on the phases of the moon. These should specify which foods are particularly good for the body and at what time. Find out more about the moon diet and whether it can really help you lose weight.

What is the moon diet?

Many people pay attention to the phase of the moon when doing certain activities, such as cutting hair, cleaning windows or setting salad . Depending on the phase of the moon, losing weight should also be easier and sometimes more difficult: followers of the moon diet – also known as the werewolf diet – are convinced that the moon decides how the body absorbs nutrients and converts calories into fat deposits.

The new moon is said to be particularly favorable for weight loss. In addition, depending on the phase of the moon, certain foods should be more digestible for the body than at other times.

This is how the moon diet works

The moon diet is based on the four phases of the moon. Make sure you use healthy ingredients and little fat in every phase. Whole grain cereals, fruit and vegetables, milk and dairy products are at the top of the menu for a moon-friendly diet, supplemented with little meat, fish and eggs.

Depending on the phase, different rules and nutritional recommendations apply. We introduce them to you.

new moon

At new moon, when the moon is at its slenderest, the diet should ideally begin with a day of fasting. There is only tea, juice spritzers and lots of mineral water. This phase is considered ideal for purification and detoxification. If this is difficult for you, eat in moderation during this time to help your body get rid of toxins. Herbal teas with a cleansing effect can help – these include, for example, nettle tea or green tea.

If you also want to break a bad habit like smoking, the New Moon phase is ideal.

Increasing Moon

When the moon is waxing, calories are used particularly well by the body according to the moon diet. In order not to gain weight now, you should avoid meat, sausages and anything high in fat during this phase of the moon and instead eat a lot of fruit and vegetables.

full moon

How the body reacts to food on a full moon is controversial: Some diet experts are convinced that the organism also absorbs all the ingredients in the diet well – unfortunately also the calories.

Others argue that the metabolism slows down. In both cases, you should now make sure to keep your meals low in calories. In any case, avoid sweets and fats. If you can, fast for one or two days.

waning moon

A waning moon is the ideal time to lose weight. The body is now in top form and can use up the energy supplied. In this phase you do not have to be as strict with your diet as with the other phases of the moon. Treat yourself to a piece of chocolate or a pizza from your favorite Italian.

That brings the moon diet

The theory of the moon diet has not been scientifically confirmed. However, too much fat is avoided and a fasting day is occasionally inserted. Because of the calorie deficit, everyone loses weight – no matter what the position of the moon is. The weight comes off slowly but steadily. You can follow this diet until you reach your desired weight. The varied moon diet can also be used in the long term. The benefits of this diet are summarized:

  • healthy in the long term
  • simple and suitable for everyday use
  • no counting calories and fat

Risks of the moon diet

There are no known health risks associated with the moon diet.

Moon Diet: Conclusion

The moon diet is a varied diet that avoids too much fat. That’s good for the body. However, you can also eat a low-fat and varied diet without paying attention to the phases of the moon – your health benefits equally from this.

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