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Mustard: effect and application

by Josephine Andrews
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Mustard with white sausage or in a sauce with pasta: the culinary value of the mustard plant is well known. In addition, mustard is healthy and can be used for healing purposes – in the form of ground mustard seeds: their effect, for example as a mustard compress or mustard foot bath for bronchitis, has been valued for a long time. Read more about the medicinal effects and use of mustard as a medicinal plant!

Essentially, the seeds of mustard contain ingredients such as fatty oil, mucilage – and above all the so-called mustard oil glycosides.

If the cells of the mustard seeds are destroyed (e.g. by grinding), the mustard oil glycosides come into contact with certain enzymes and are broken down by them into mustard oil. This is mainly responsible for the medicinal properties of the plant.

First and foremost, mustard oil has a strong skin-irritating effect and thus promotes local blood circulation. In addition, an antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory effect of mustard oil has also been demonstrated.

Due to their spectrum of effects, mustard seeds are used externally for the treatment of chronic degenerative joint diseases such as arthrosis, catarrhs ​​of the respiratory tract such as bronchitis and soft tissue rheumatism (fibromyalgia). This application is scientifically recognized.

In addition, empirical medicine uses mustard for other external complaints. A mustard flour foot bath stimulates blood circulation. It can help with (beginning) infections of the upper respiratory tract (such as colds, sinusitis). It is also occasionally recommended for headaches , migraines and constipation.

Some midwives recommend the mustard foot bath to women after childbirth if there is a blockage in the weekly flow (lochial blockage). The wound secretion still present in the uterus provides a breeding ground for bacteria. The congestion should be released by the mustard flour foot bath.

In folk medicine, mustard is also used internally to treat indigestion. Mustard seeds are also recommended for high blood pressure.

How is mustard used?

Both black and white mustard seeds are used for medicinal purposes. The latter are somewhat milder in their effect.

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