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Natural contraception: what methods are there?

by Josephine Andrews
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Natural contraception means preventing pregnancy as far as possible without chemical or hormonal aids. Instead, attention is paid to the body’s natural signals and the regularly changing signs of the menstrual cycle in order to be able to identify fertile and infertile days. Learn more about natural birth control!

Naturally prevent – how does that work?

If you want to use natural contraception, it is important to determine the fertile and infertile days of your cycle. You should then only have sexual intercourse on the infertile days.

In most cases, it takes close observation of several cycles for a woman to learn to interpret changing signs from her body, such as body temperature or cervical mucus texture. When estimating the fertile days, the lifespan of sperm in the vaginal area and factors influencing the menstrual cycle must also be taken into account. Such factors are, for example, an irregular rhythm of life, stress , illnesses and alcohol consumption.

Natural family planning

Some women use natural birth control methods not to reduce the chance of pregnancy , but to increase it! If a woman can estimate when her most fertile days are and then consciously have sexual intercourse, the longed-for desire to have children can come true more quickly. Doctors call this “natural family planning”.

Various methods

There are several options for natural contraception or natural family planning:

  • daily measuring of body temperature (temperature method)
  • the assessment of cervical mucus (Billings or cervical mucus method)
  • the Knaus-Ogino calendar method
  • the symptothermal Method (Roetzer-Method)
  • the assessment of the condition of the cervix

Special contraceptive computers can help to     measure and assess the various physical changes .

The methods at a glance

We present an overview of the individual methods.


During the menstrual cycle, body temperature changes according to a specific pattern. You can find out how and how the change is interpreted in the article on the  temperature method .


The Billings or cervical mucus method uses the condition of the mucus plug, which is located on the cervix, to estimate the timing of ovulation. You can read more about this in the article  Billings method .


For the Knaus-Ogino calendar method (time selection method), women must first log each cycle for a year before the fertile and infertile days can be estimated. You can find out more about this in the  Knaus Ogino article .

The symptothermal method

The symptothermal or Roetzer method combines the Billings method , the calendar and temperature methods, and assessment of the cervix. You can read more about this in the  Symptothermal Method article .

contraceptive computer

You can read about how special computers can make it easier to calculate fertile and infertile days in the article on contraception computers .

Natural contraception – use it correctly

Natural contraceptive methods require detailed knowledge of one’s cycle and the physical changes that accompany it. It is important to get to know your own body, to observe it and to correctly interpret its signals. Only then is natural contraception suitable for estimating fertile and infertile days.

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