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Nuvaring for contraception

by Josephine Andrews
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The Nuvaring is a hormonal vaginal ring. This ring is used as a contraceptive method. Read the most important information about the effect and use of the drug.

This active ingredient is in Nuvaring

Nuvaring contains two female contraceptive sex hormones: the progestogen etonogestrel and the estrogen ethinyl estradiol. The ring inserted into the vagina releases small amounts of these hormones into the blood . Estrogens inhibit the release of hormones responsible for egg cell maturation. Progestins change the consistency of the uterine lining so that fertilized egg cells cannot implant. They also thicken the mucus plug in the cervix, which protects against sperm penetration. The hormones released in this way prevent ovulation and a possible pregnancy.

When is Nuvaring used?

The Nuvaring is used for birth control. It is particularly recommended if regular intake of the pill cannot be ensured. Since the Nuvaring application bypasses the gastrointestinal tract, this contraceptive method is also suitable for women who are unable to take the pill due to illness.

What are the side effects of Nuvaring?

Despite the generally good tolerability, the Nuvaring also has side effects. The most common complaints are headaches, abdominal and chest pains , nausea, acne , lack of desire for sex, oedema, vaginal infections, menstrual problems and mood swings . Weight gain is also possible with the Nuvaring application . In addition, an increased risk of arterial and venous thrombus formation as well as embolism and cervical and breast cancer is suspected . Nuvaring can also cause bleeding between periods, spotting and vaginal discharge.

Possible risks should be discussed with the gynecologist in particular if you have liver disease, are overweight or have blood clotting disorders or if you are a smoker or diabetic. If you observe any unusual and/or very severe side effects, you should report them to your doctor and possibly stop using the ring.

You should keep this in mind when using Nuvaring

Similar to a tampon, the Nuvaring can be self-inserted. It should be squeezed and then inserted as deep as possible into the vagina. The exact location is not critical to preventive efficacy. However, it is recommended that the contraceptive be placed in an undisturbed position. If the ring is not firmly seated (e.g. after pregnancy), then no effective absorption of the active substance can take place.

Nuvaring: First application

The first Nuvaring application should take place at the onset of menstruation. It should be noted that there may be insufficient hormone levels in the first week of use. During this time it makes sense to use an additional contraceptive method (e.g. condom). After three weeks, the preparation is discontinued and renewed after a break of seven days. During the break, the so-called withdrawal bleeding begins, which is caused by the lack of hormones.

If the Nuvaring has been forgotten, a new ring must be used immediately. An additional contraceptive should be used again for the next seven days. If the ring has remained in the vagina longer than prescribed (max. four weeks), contraceptive protection is still provided. The one-week Nuvaring-free interval is maintained and a new ring can be introduced thereafter.

The patient can easily use tampons while using Nuvarin. Antifungal medicines administered vaginally also have no effect on Nuvaring contraception and therefore Nuvaring safety.

The contraceptive can be removed for up to three hours without losing its effectiveness. If the ring accidentally slips out, it can be washed off and used again without hesitation. It does not offer protection against sexually transmitted diseases – it is advisable to use a condom for this.

Nuvaring and antibiotics

It is possible for the Nuvaring to affect antibiotics and how they work. Therefore, a doctor should be consulted regarding possible interactions.

How to get Nuvaring

As a prescription-only drug, Nuvaring is available in packs of up to three rings from a pharmacy upon presentation of a prescription.

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