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Ferrum phosphoricum – homeopathic application & effect

by Josephine Andrews
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Ferrum phosphoricum is one of the best-known homeopathic remedies for infections with fever. It is often used when symptoms come as a surprise. The remedy should help best in the initial phase of the fever and inflammatory process and is also suitable for children and adolescents. Read more about the effects and dosage of Ferrum phosphoricum, which is also used as a Schuessler salt.

What is Ferrum phosphoricum?

Ferrum phosphoricum is also called phosphoric iron and is a chemical compound of the two elements iron and phosphorus. In nature it occurs as the mineral vivianite, whose German names “Blaueisenerde” and “Eisenblau” indicate the color of vivianite.

Initially colorless and transparent crystals change color under the influence of oxygen and can assume colors between blue-green, violet and black-blue. These colors have been used by painters since antiquity – and are still used today to restore antique paintings and murals.

For homeopathic use, Ferrum phosphoricum is diluted and succussed (“potentized”).

When is Ferrum phosphoricum used?

What is Ferrum phosphoricum good for? It is often difficult for classical homeopaths to prescribe Ferrum phosphoricum based on the patient’s information. The diseases for which the drug is used often have no particularly characteristic symptoms.

There are usually obvious inflammations that are associated with a weakened immune system, high fever and severe exhaustion. This inflammation can affect any organ, often it is the throat, stomach or lungs. Therefore, Ferrum phosphoricum is given in all cases in which no clear symptoms point to another homeopathic remedy.

The use as a homeopathic remedy goes back to the work of Dr. Wilhelm Henrich Schüßler, who defined the remedy as one of the twelve main salts of his teaching. However, the use as a homeopathic remedy is very different from the use as a Schuessler salt . However, there are clear overlaps with regard to the clinical pictures in which Ferrum phosphoricum is used.

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